Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Child is Dead...Do You Really Care....?

A child is dead so what do you care? Many of you are in an uproar about the recent decision in the Casey Anthony case. You weep, moan and roar that baby Caylee is dead. But do  you really care? After all, that was 3 years ago and we Americans can't concentrate on a tragedy that long (Hell, we're already over the oil spill in the gulf!!!) Are you more upset that Casey Anthony was not sent to prison of a crime you know she committed or are you honestly sharing a universal vitriol? Are you willing to bet your eternal soul on her guilt?

I’ve been around this angry world long enough to see so many humans have been sentenced to a death they did not earn. Why not go back to Jesus (Oh boy the Christians are gonna be mad at me now)!!! Have you ever read about the many crimes the people of his time accused him of? Or do you think he was nailed to a cross, pierced in his sides and left to die a slow guilty death because of a traffic ticket. Don’t worry they threw stones too.

Do you know how many kids are dying in our streets each day? 22,000 children die every day from poverty globally. How about 8% of all teens who are bullied commit suicide! For each of you who used the trial as water cooler fodder, 1 dollar a day, or $365 a year from a few hundred of you (us) would cut that number in half (given to the right charity)! 

We're you upset that 1000 CAYLEE ANTHONYs die each year due to not having appropriate healthcare insurance? Yet, we “grown ups” (Republicans) are spending millions of dollars each month trying to get the current law of the land repealed because “America will crash and burn in eternal flames of poverty” if it’s not! Don’t get me started (that’s another blog article)!!!!

Ms. Anthony may be guilty. She may even do something stupid like O.J. which will land her in jail anyways. But, that’s not the focus. If you are truly outraged start transferring your anger TOMORROW by doing something about it instead of doing what we Americans are popular for doing….TALKing!

Milano Flascucci~


  1. It is amazing how we have been programed to focus our outrage on this woman. With everything that is going on in the world, this is "Headline News"... We interrupt almost real news, for this!!!

  2. I have to agree with you 100%!! How do we take back our minds and attention is a questions i want to know (and the solution)... if anyone has an idea please let me know!