Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buy "AKAI" T.V.'s at your own Peril!!!

Normally, I would never use this platform as a means to blast anyone or any company simply because it’s too time consuming! But, enough is enough!!!

“AKAI” is a JOKE!!!! Akai electric co. ltd is an electronics company allegedly based out of Singapore. I say allegedly because I’ve not been able to nor do I know anyone who has confirmed this fact! Hell, it would not surprise me if they were based out of Boise, Idaho (no offense Idaho, but hey no one living there views my blog anyways J ) What I’m most upset with is that I recently bought a Akai 32inch T.V. with DVD and after less than 2 years the darn thing will not come on!  Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one  who’s bought an electronic device and had it go 
"kerplunk"; however, when I surfed the web to find out what could be the issue I found hundreds of other consumers with the same damn complaint.

***ok footnote, the company was originally created by Akai Denki Kabushiki in 1929. It's now a subsidiary of Grande Holdings. Just wanted you to that I've done my homework :-)

(this link is just a few hundred of them or so…trust me there many more)

Every one of them with the same issue….somewhere around the 2nd year their T.V. mysteriously won’t come on. Wow, I got played. I sure wish I’d done my due diligence before I bought this T.V.? This is my admonishment to Akai and to Costco & Sams club the way will not do a thing for you or any one of the thousands of unhappy American consumers who’ve bought this defective company’s product. Can you imagine what an Asian country would do if an American company sold trash products to their citizens and would not even try to correct or acknowledge the issues?

That’s right folks “Akai” reps give you the run-a-round, they will not answer emails sent, and the (800) number on the back of the T.V. not a in service (go figure)!!! Too boot, if you take the T.V. to a repair shop, they won't work on it. One repairman states, "I can fix it but the problem is going to happen again"; ... REALLY!? 

It is my goal to see < that > this company along with Costco & SAMS Club (who also do absolutely nothing, yet they have no problem selling this crapola) held accountable and to re-enforce my belief that Asia does not actually OWN America?

Perhaps I am a bit delusional~


Milano Flascucci~

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