Monday, December 13, 2010

The First Great Woman in History

Queen Hatshepsut ruled Egypt 1500 years before Christ was born in the Eighteenth Dynasty. I was just introduced to this all powerful woman and although she was certainly not the 1st female ruler of Antiquity she was the most influential and Noble. She ruled with a firm but sensible hand for more than 20 years. Hatshepsut was unique as she challenged the supremacy of the male. During her times there was not even a word for “queen” or “empress”. She was the daughter of Thotmes I who was the conqueror of the known world but was stricken with Paralysis. She even had a prime minister “Nehusi” (which in Egyptian means “full blooded Negro”) that was positioned as second in command.

This great woman had built the first awe inspiring temple (Deir-el-Bahari) and Obelisks just to hail triumph over her detractors. She ruled over a time of great wealth and prosperity. Gold was so plentiful it was no longer weighed but measured by the bushel baskets. Hatshepsut controlled Egypt by announcing to all that she was really a “man”….to this no one disputed. Eventually through a nefarious act, she was most likely killed by her husband/half brother Thotmes III. Once out of the way (in an act of resentment) Thotmes had all traces of her removed from plain sight. So effective was he that she was forgotten for over 300 years. Nevertheless she was the only woman ruler buried in the Valley Of Kings.

What I love about this story is that it shows the power of women to fight oppression and male dominance. A woman of color was effectively the ruler of the then known civilized world. Her roots were from southern Egypt which was and still is very much mixed with the pure Negroes of the Sudan. So, the next time you see an African-American woman demeaning herself by not portraying the dignity of a Queen, remind her that she is a descendent of Hatshepsut’s rule…

Milano Flascucci~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tax Cut Extensions...Good or Bad?

Wow, look at all the “Obamanites” jump off the boat! And for what? TAX CUT EXTENTIONS…for everyone!!! You heard me correct tax cuts not tax increases! Pres. Obama is in the fight of his life battling the GOP in a “lame duck” Congress (which is fruitless anyways). He’s placed in a terrible position because his Party just about lost every seat in Congress, yet he’s tasked with still defeating a very strong and united Republican Party. As we speak Mr. Pres. is negotiating the details of a framework agreement to extend the Bush Tax Cuts from the early 2000’s. It seems he must have reverse Roe vs Wade?! The Democrats, Pundits and just about everyone I know (on the left) are just about ready to make V.P. Biden the Pres.

Here’s one good ole boy’s opinion. None of us (and I do mean none) are as smart, insightful and strategic as Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. If you believe you are, I highly recommend you place your name in the hat for the 2012 elections because we surely need you!!! So, I suggest we all take a step back and allow the Pres. That was elected to do what he knows he must do. Let him finish the painting before we start saying “that doesn’t look like me”? I’m just glad someone is doing what’s best for us instead of what could get them brownie points for the upcoming election. Did anyone catch all the bologna rhetoric those Congressman were saying in order to get elected?!!

There’s no doubt in many folks minds that the Bush tax cuts for the rich are unjust. Yet, if they were not extended millions of Americans would have been minimized at a time when an extra $1000.00 could be the difference between barely making it and “HOMELESS”. It’s funny because many of you don’t even know what tax bracket you’re in anyways?! Let’s do some research shall we?

Bush Tax Cuts (circa 2001)

Everyone knows that Pres. Bush was a serial tax cutter. He helped establish 2 major tax bills that all had a sunset provision in them (they had a termination date).

1. E Economic Growth & Tax Relief Reconciliation Act

2. J Jobs & Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act

They cut taxes for earned income, long-term capital gains and dividends. They also expanded child tax credits, got rid of the marriage penalty and other changes to the tax code. Not that bad huh? The only problem most Dems have is that the underlined benefits are mostly for the “rich”. But hey isn’t everything in America?

Tax Brackets

The EGTRRA created 6 tax brackets: 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, & 35% based on income (If the extensions where to be canceled, we would revert back to the pre-2001 rates). The 10% would go away and everyone would jump up to 15% who is under $34,550. Then you would have…28%, 31%, 36% & 39.6%. EGAD!!

The $1000.00 per child tax credit would drop back down to $500.00. Currently, marriage couples can file together and receive deductions twice that of a single person (kiss that goodbye)!

Now, by agreeing to this compromise Pres. Obama secured 13 more months of unemployment benefits (which don’t seem like much unless it’s you that’s on unemployment). Currently there are more than 6 million folks who would be eligible for this assistance. Many have said we can’t continue to help people who are in need. To this I say first, we have no problem financing two… billion dollar wars; and second, if we still have 6 million Americans out of work in 2 years the last thing Pres. Obama will have to worry about will be Tax Extensions!!! There are also a few more compromises to this new extension….small business tax credits more we probably haven’t even heard about yet. Hell, of course it would have been great to kill the Tax Credits to the “Rich” (unless you are rich), but that’s not going to happen folks.

Who do you think controls America? Who do you think elects Presidents and Congressmen? If you’re so damn mad about the current state of things stop voting based on talking points and TV sound bites. The GOP is strong because they do a lot more than talk! They write their congressmen, they show up for rallies, they are united in a single goal and they fight! Remember this…everyone (even the Pres.) in Congress is “Rich”….why do you think you have a fair representation in Washington anyways?!

Milano flascucci~

Friday, November 19, 2010

Phoetically Speaking

If you haven’t heard by now….there’s a new movement coming! That movement is SK Dixon!!! Beginning with a mere daydream, during class at FAMU, in the spring of 1996, a photographer was conceived. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting SK back in our collegiate days and during our stint in the world famous Marching “100” (shouts out to my brothers!). Mr. Dixon has always had a camera draped around his neck and through years of dedication and determination he’s honed his craft to something I’ve not seen before! Now in the metro Atlanta area he has brought a refreshing viewpoint to photography. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with this amazing mind and query information about what makes him unique….ENJOY!!!

(below is an interview with SK Dixon…part 1 & 2)

Part 2 The Completion...

Tummy Touch, U.N.I., Nuance, Legacy & I AM are but a few Phoetical journeys! We are in the peek of the Holiday season. What better gift to give or possess than an original SK Dixon Portrait!!! Few photographers can capture the inner essence of whom and what you really are. It’s easy to take a photo, it’s something far more to see your inner self and paint a picture with a camera for all those to see.

For more information about the “Phoetic Movement” visit For your free consultation email or call 1-888-phoetic/ (888) 746-3842…

Milano Flascucci~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My William M. Raines

In 1965, more than ten years after the historic Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka (1954) decision intergration of the Public schools in Duval County had barely begun. Duval County largest high school (No. 165) opened in the Moncrief area of Jacksonville on January 25, 1965. The opening of the school brought about the reassignment of 1,305 black high school students in grades nine through twelve from Northwestern Junior-Senior High School to the new school. The 2000 student capacity high school was a $2 million project and duplicated the new Fletcher High School in the Beaches community. The school opened unnamed and was referred to simply as School No. 165.

Dr. Andrew A. Robinson was appointed principal of the new school. Robinson, a 35 year old African-American and Jacksonville native, held a Bachelor of Science degree from FAMU and a doctorate in education from Columbia U. One of the early black students at Raines, Darryl Wilson, linked Dr. Robinson and his “Ichiban” philosophy as he said:

It is sort of a saying [Ichiban]! There are expectations of things you can do as an individual and in society. You are a representative of society (From picking up a sheet of paper to putting your shirt tail in). The characteristics…if you are going to be number one. You have to behave like Ichiban!

In June of 1965, the school board adopted the name William M. Raines High School for the new school. William M. Raines was a prominent black educator who served as principal of Matthew Gilbert High School in Jacksonville from 1938 until his death in 1950. The students selected the Viking as their mascot and their colors red and grey. They also adopted the motto “Knowledge is Power” and so now School No. 165 had an identity of its own..

(Author D.K. Garrison speaks at the "Rainesmen" induction ceremony)

Congrats to this years inductees...Mr. Ian Tyler Mobley, Mr. Darius Young, Mr. Devron Lester, and Mr. Jerry Brown. Special thanks to Mr. J.C. St. Fleur and Mr. Willie Hall for inviting me to come back to Raines to share Survive365 concepts with its students. Finally, Hats off to Principal George Maxey and his Staff for the continued dedication they have committed to bring Raines back to its EXCELLENCE!!!

For more information on having Author D.K. Garrison speak at your school or organization please contact Kimberly Morrison at 866 642-9125 or email her at:

***Historical info provided by UNF professor

Milano Flascucci~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Imperfect Peaches

Recently, I had the privilege of reading “Who Said Peaches were Perfect?” by Atlanta Native Tracy Nicole. It is my opinion that this is one of the most courageous Novels of 2010 (and boy I’ve read a lot of them!). Author Tracy Nicole shows her writing acumen by bring to the reader a look at common social upheavals. The dept of her character development is astonishing and real! What amazed me most is that this book is just as enjoyable for our “men” readers out there as for the women followers.

The lead characters (Torie & Lisa) are looking for what most of us are pining for…”love”! You’ll follow their lives in an Atlanta City setting as they navigate through some tough life decisions. One woman proud and confident, the other unsure about where her life is going? Yet both these two find stability in family and Love in the most curious places! You’ll also meet several complex men with their own set of imperfections. If this is Tracy’s debut Novel we’re all in for a prodigious ride over the next few years as she continues to amaze the readers with her keen sense of what is real and what’s not!

Press play and enjoy as Survive365: Your 360 sits down with Tracy Nicole

Tracy Nicole Prather is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. A true Southern girl, she attended Florida A&M University where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy. In May 2005, she opened her own boutique, Tracy Nicole, which has been highlighted in various local and national publications including Essence, Lucky Magazine, Paper City, Jezebel and Atlanta Style.

Tracy Nicole is the voice for the “real woman.” A woman who faces questions

and doubts in the complex areas of love and men, a woman who makes mistakes yet

falls forward rather than stumbling backwards. Her words are for and about young women who wonder what real love looks and feels like; how a man should treat them, how they should treat themselves, and how to make life better.

Tracy writes for college students, single mothers, married women,professional women, sorority members (like her AKA sisters), who can enjoy the ups and downs, laughs and cries, and the sex and sizzle of Who Said Peaches Were Perfect? She also hopes the novel will encourage women to embrace the words her grandfather often said, “Just make it happen.”Tracy Nicole currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her daughters, Kennedy Nicole and Kristian Nicole.

Book: Who Said Peaches Were Perfect?”

Publisher: Wheatmark

ISBN: 978-1-60494-339-9

Paperback w/ 180 pages (6X9)


For More Information Please Visit:

For Media Please Contact:

LaTonya Story


Catch up with Author Traci Nicole....Friday, Oct. 29th at 3pm.

***FAMU Homecoming Book Signing Event

@FAMU Bookstore on campus

Milano Flascucci~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deadbeat Friend: Learn how to Prune Your Tree

Just as a tree sheds it’s dying (no longer useful) leaves, so should we with regards to those who occupy space in our inner circle. Of course, it sounds easy! The fact remains most of us can not do it! Can you guess why? GUILT! We feel a sense of loyalty, we are scared to hurt someone’s feelings or we are deceived with a person’s value. Learn from Mother Nature…when a part of you becomes dormant or destructive cut it off! Your inner circle, circle of sameness, associates and friends help mold who you are and who you are to become. You may have heard “your income level mimics those you surround yourself with”? I opine 5 years from now you will become who you associate yourself with in every facet of your life. This includes your spirituality, eating habits, entertainment, parenting, social tendencies, etc...

Here’s what I’d like you to consider. Many of your current friends/associates/business partners are dead weight. They are not only holding you back, but you are enabling them. Some absolutely mean you harm and will destroy you in the end! Are they truly your friends? In the book “The 48 laws of Power” Robert Greene warns with the 2nd law “Never put too much trust in your Friends” (read the book for a clearer understanding). No, I’m not advocating you excommunicate your friends and family. However, many of us who find ourselves mired with little positive movement need to clean up our circle “Today”. This may very well be the most difficult thing you’ve had to do. But it will be the most worth while…


Take a piece of unlined paper. Now draw a medium sized circle in the middle of the page. This represents you as the Sun of your Universe. Draw several smaller circles that surround “you” at various distances. Place names inside the circles that represent those most dear to you (either socially or business). Once you’re done walk away and give yourself about 30 minutes. When you come back look at each “moon” (circle) and on a separate sheet write what they bring to your life.

1. Do they inspire you to be a better you?
2. Do they make you happy when they are around you…?
3. Can they be counted on in a battle?
4. Do they make you feel guilty?
5. Do you hate when they call?
6. Could you borrow money in a pinch?
7. Do they only come around on Holidays?
8. Do they tell you the truth?

The answers to questions like these should help you determine whether or not they belong in your circle of Life or if they are a dead leaf on your tree.

Lastly, people are in our lives for a “Reason, Season, or Lifetime. Make sure you’re not keeping them around longer for the wrong reason…

***Exert & Exercise from the Best Selling book "How to Survive the Next 365"...
Milano Flascucci~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heaven Just Got a Bit more Crowded

A son’s love for his mother is boundless. She is the person who heals his wounds both physical and mental. She is his provider and confidant. She is his first example of what a woman should and can be.

On Oct.4th I lost my mom. Wow, I can’t believe it..? Just typing that last sentence on this document seems alien to me…a lie! My mom was my biggest cheerleader of the account that one day I might become somebody. She knew I was not perfect, but she loved me anyway.

I spoke to a dear friend today and she shared with me a thought (you see she lost her mother many years ago)…She said to me “In the past, you might speak to your mom via phone and think about her for a moment. You might not think about her for days afterwards, even weeks (because of course…mom is always there). Now, that you’ve lost her…not another day will pass without you thinking about her always…

What a cruel lesson to learn and what a terrible way to learn it. I would give anything to be able to hear my mother’s voice again or listen to her mess up folk’s names. I loved how when my friends came around she would make them feel comfortable. You see if you were considered a friend of mine…you were a friend of hers. My mom would sit down and share the same 4 stories about me growing up with everyone she met. I miss my mommy! I would give anything to hug her one last time…but time owes me nothing.

One week she was fussing about going to work, the next I’m calling her 91 year old mother to tell her that her only child is gone…

But in the end, I was there. My mother gave me my final lesson. You see I sometimes shun responsibility when it’s tough. I had a dreadful fear of death. I should have known my mother was saving my greatest lesson for last. I held her hand and whispered in her ear over and over “I love you mommy…I love you” as I watched her heart beat go still on the monitor...

Lesson learned...

I will never forget you and I will make you proud. I promise to carry your memories forward by raising your grandchildren to be God fearing, respectable mini versions of you. I promise to take whatever time I have remaining on Earth and not waste one second doing something I hate doing! It’s the least I can do for a mother who gave up EVERYTHING to raise a curly headed skinny boy from Jacksonville by way of L.A.

Many of you know what I mean and empathise with my plight. To those who do…I respect the fact that you can even get up in the morning. Many of you still have your mothers, alive and well. To you I say….”Do not waste a second of her remaining life not letting her know how much you love and appreciate her. Don’t wait for “Mother’s Day”. Once she's gone (and God will call her home someday) you’ll not have that chance anymore and a part of you will be missing…..forever!

If there is a Heaven (and I’m sure it is) mom is up there looking for the Bingo Hall, knowing no strangers and telling those same 4 stories about her boy!!!

I truly am "Surviving my Next 365"

~Miles Flowers

Friday, September 24, 2010

Introducing...the PR Experience

Introducing the PR Experience! An Atlanta Based Duet! Featuring Mr. Marvin Pryor & Mr. Nelson Render. Recently, we were fortunate to sit down with these 2 amazing musicians to discuss the history and future of the PR Experience. The video below captures that interview.

Mr. Pryor (Trombonist) was tutored at the prestigious Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA while Mr. Render (Trumpeter) honed his craft at both FAMU & Delaware State (I’m proud to say Mr. Render and I were drum majors at FAMU together)! The PR Experience is a smooth blend of Jazz funk and NEO Soul. After a chance meeting, these two decided to form a duet and take the world by storm!

***excuse the sudden cut off...i ran out of space :-(

Two of the PR Experiences re-occurring gigs are Kat’s Café (970 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta) and Café 290 (290 Hilderbrand Rd. Atlanta); although they will and do perform at a number of events and venues both in and out of State. If you find yourself in the "A", be sure to stop in enjoy the show.

What I could easily see while speaking with these two musicians is that they really do have a natural connection together and have played with each other so much they know where the other is going at all times. They combine expert musicianship and sheer entertainment to give any audience an “experience” they’ll never forget! I encourage every music lover to be sure to catch their performance SOON!

For more information about booking the PR Experience visit their website at:

or email:

also call (404) 626-8038 or (404) 824-9805

***If you’re in the area for the Atlanta Classic Weekend [FAMU vs. TSU] be sure to check out the PR Experience at

Kat’s Café

Saturday, Sept. 25th

8:30pm-Until (get their early)!!!

Cover: $10.00

Milano Flascucci~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breaking the Color Barrier with Bubba...a well kept secret

Here’s a fantastic story I viewed on ESPN awhile back about an amazing athlete most of us old fogies have never heard. One of the contributors on the program asked his colleagues a very usual question (at least among most sports fanatics). Who is the most dominant athlete in his or her sport? The usual suspects were voiced: Kobe, Tiger, Brady, Manny! Notice this list is a host of one named heroes. Would it surprise you to hear ‘Bubba’ as the answer? I sure as heck was…

James ‘Bubba’ Stewart is a living legend in motor cross racing…and he’s an African-American. James Jr. comes from very humble beginnings. Growing up in Florida, his parents were of meager means to say the least. Yet his father introduced him to the sport the day he was brought home from the hospital. James Sr. says he road around on his sports cycle, one hand on the handle bars the other on his newborn son (how did he pull that off!?). ‘Bubba’ began his amateur racing at the tender age of 4 years old and went on to dominate the previously all white sport. Turning pro in 2002 he quickly rose to become the face of Motor Cross Racing. In 2008, he won every race that season in the outdoor Nationals for a perfect season!

As I am listening to this remarkable story I was thinking of the terrible obstacles Bubba and his father must have gone through. How in the heck did his dad afford the bikes or entry fees during the beginning? With no other African-Americans anywhere how did he feel empowered? The normal comparison is to Tiger Woods. However unbelievable Tiger’s rise to power was, there still were other African-Americans who have paved the way (John Shippen and Lee Elder to name a few). This can not be said of James Stewart Jr.


The Stewarts did indeed face a more than fair amount of racial confrontations. The elder Stewart from one of his accounts said he was once told by an official “We don’t race ‘N’ here!” James Sr. simply replied “That’s great because we came here to race motor bikes”. Bubba faced constant racial slurs while flying around the track but never once did it damper his desire to be the best in “HIS” sport.

The most dominant athlete in the world is a 26year old African-American, and his name is not Tiger….It’s Bubba. Now you too, know him…

Milano Flascucci~

Exercise: This is a simple concept. I want you to think about what obstacles you have in your life that hold you back from you greatness that lies within. Find the 4 year old boy or girl inside you that does not know the word (no’ or can’t)!

Now unleash them and dominate your “sport”

No excuses! “Excuses are tools for the incompetent; those who use them seldom accomplish anything”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You have the right to be Exclusive…

365 Introduces to our readers celebrity photographer Calvin Evans of Exclusive photography. Last week, Calvin Evans was a guest on The Conversation”. We managed to catch up with Calvin on the set of a photo shoot with two amazing models from Zimbabwe.

Mr. Evans began his love affair with the camera while shooting for his high school year book. After a few key people observed his work and natural eye it was suggested he take a serious look at making a living in the field of photography. The art of photography runs through Calvin’s veins. His father was a crime scene photographer for many years. While hanging out in dark rooms as a youth, Calvin was able to see the magic of film processing, developing come to life!

Derek Blanks, Tshombe Roberts, Drexina Nelson, Leo Marshall, Tim Barrett and the legendary Gordon Parks all have served as mentors in building character, desire and perseverance. They taught him that life is a long and difficult journey and you have to make things happen by staying focused on your goals. You should always strive to continue learning and placing value into your craft.

Big ups to King Steal of Kingsmen Media Group for filming/editing this video...

Calvin Evans specializes in digital photos, ad design, PR/marketing, digital imagery and contract drafting. Having received the highly acclaimed “Trumpet Award” Calvin work has been seen on 944 Magazine, Life & Time magazines, VH1’s “What Chilli wants”, B.E.T., Tyler Perry’s Grand Opening and much more…

Be sure to follow Exclusive Photography at and exclusiverightstv (on youtube).

To purchase rights or license images contact Ken Barboza: (212) 505-8635


For Bookings

Contact Corey Punzi of L’affaire Media: (404) 840-8090

365ers…”You have the right to be EXCLUSIVE”

Milano Flascucci~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Maestro

Dr. William P. Foster the living legend who orchestrated the creation of the Florida A & M Marching “100” (arguably the world's most famous marching band). Today celebrates Dr. Foster’s 91st birthday. Dr. Foster was born Aug. 25, 1919 in Kansas City, KS. It was in 1946 that “the Maestro” arrived at what was then Florida A & M College for Negroes and devised new techniques that would be the mainstay for marching bands forever. However, this is the world’s viewpoint of “Doc” (as his students affectionately call him).

To me he was much more!

I first met “Doc” in the fall of 1984 as a 17 year old "green" teenager with hopes of wearing that “100” emblem one day! My first impression was... this man clearly is of royalty and what a blessing it is to have him as “my” band director. He spoke in a diction that I’ve never heard a man speak before (Yes Doc was known for spouting words no one but perhaps Dr. White knew). But, it showed me the effectiveness of building one’s vocabulary and how men (of all walks & color) respected you when you mastered the King’s English. Doc Foster was almost God-like to a freshman entering those hallowed halls of the Foster/Tanner music building.

You know, I can still remember the first time “Doc” called on me by name! “What, Doc knew my name” was the only thing I could come up with. Foster knew the names of ever student that came through the “100”and he could tell you much about who you were as a musician and a person. He cared for his students much like a proud father would. Those of my fellow bandsmen who knew Doc will share my sentiments when I say…I loved him like a father!

The world knows him as a Hall of Fame Band Director and Artist! You may have heard of him once or twice mentioned at a Society Gala or as a Key note Speaker. Some bandsmen may know him as “that other band’s Director" who walked like a gallant gentleman. He is known for creating band pageantry. His band represented the US in the Bastille Day parade in Paris.

I will simply know him as….”The Law”

Ten things that remind me of “Doc” and those old band days

  1. Doc’s practices where we “Take the 1st measure”...... for a full hour!
  2. The way Doc spoke…what swagger!
  3. His tilted walk or glide
  4. His powerful handshake!
  5. The way everyone said “HUBBA DOC” to his every word
  6. Looking at the way his face lit up when he directed the concert selection on Game Day
  7. That perfect white conductor’s Uniform & Hat
  8. The honor of carrying Docs suitcase and items to his room during check-in
  9. Hearing him as a Keynote speaker at the Rotary Club and hearing a pin fall!
  10. Knowing that one day I’ll be able to look my kids in the eye and tell them….”That’s my “Doc”!


**** I want to hear your favorite memory of "Doc Foster"!!!!!

Milano Flascucci~

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our President~ The Muslim

Don’t look at me like that! I heard it from a reputable source. The other day Franklin Graham (son of evangelist Billy Graham) informed the Nation once and for all, the President Barack Hussein Obama is indeed….A Muslim! I knew it all along! He might have fooled the state of Hawaii, Harvard, Congress and the American People but he darn sure did not fool Franklin Graham! Mr. Graham informed CNN that the facts are Mr. Obama was born the son of a Kenyan Father.

So, (for the folks that are keeping score) whatever RELIGION your father is at the time of your birth will ultimately determine your faith as an adult! Got that? I’m still amazed that a Christian Minister proclaims to be an expert of the Muslim faith! Wait a minute…who the H#%$ is Franklin Graham anyway!!!?

At any rate, Mr. Graham is on record for saying Islam is a most “Wicked” religion full of Hate! I’d love to ask him are we Christians diabolical due to the “8” crusades Christians launched primarily over land, spices and gold ( I know,I know it was to get back the Holy Grail!) The deeds of a few do not condemn the morality of the masses. I do not (for one moment) condone the terrible injustices done by a few zealots in the name of Allah. I do, however, have a problem with the Republican Party trying to make Pres. Obama into a symbol of Muslim corruption all in order to win an election! The man says he is a Christian…So…He is a Christian! Who are we to say he is not!?


What difference does it make if he was? I was under the impression that the founding fathers created America with the intent to have religious freedoms? So, if he was Muslim would he be ineligible for the top office? I looked everywhere in the Constitution and I don’t see any reference to a person’s religious beliefs as a qualification for that office. (Now, back to Obama’s dad) Mr. Graham declared that Obama is Muslim simply because his dad was muslim and that Islam passes to a child from their father? Just for the record. To become a Muslim one need only…

Utter the words La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur rasoolu Allah, which loosely translated means “There is no true god (deity) but God (Allah),1and Muhammad is the Messenger (Prophet) of God.” And:

n Believe that the Holy Quran is the literal word of God, revealed by Him.

n Believe that the Day of Judgment (the Day of Resurrection) is true and will come, as God promised in the Quran.

n Accept Islam as his or her religion.

n Not worship anything nor anyone except God.

So, any one of us can become a Muslim today! You ready? Now, unless someone has Pres. Obama on tape uttering these words and professing Muhammad as the one true messenger of God…stop with the madness…Please!!! I ask you, have you ever heard of a Muslim scared to tell you he is a Muslim? I haven’t!

But if Franklin Graham says he’s a Muslim…then he’s a Muslim! What do I know?

Milano Flascucci