Friday, April 13, 2012

Mommy wars? Really! WTF

Are we really this easily distracted? Recently, Hillary Rosen a Democratic pundit & Lobbyst made a remark directed towards Ann Romney (wife of Gov. Mitt Romney) that started a backlash of controversy. Are we now so distracted on what the actual argument was that we now are back to women’s rights on staying home or not? First, that was not the argument she was making. Hilary Rosen was speaking to the point that a millionairess (who’s been of a privileged life) may not be the best person to be the source of detailing women’s lives who are struggling to make ends meet. Secondly, it was a woman who made the comment, right?! If you think Mrs. Romney knows what it feels like to make the decision whether to go to work to earn money to feed, shelter and clothes your kids or stay at home and raise them….more power to you (oh by the way, I have a great piece of property in Alligator Alley, FL)!

That's sarcasm…

Let’s see if we can get back to the matter at hand! Does Gov. Mitt Romney (the projected Republican Nominee for the Presidency) promote policies which will make working women’s lives easier? Where exactly is the “mommy wars” in that question? Are you guys/gals really going to let “Willard” off the hook from answering this very important question? By the way, that reporter from the Huffington Post (Mr. Sam Stein) never got his question answered….still on hold? Why then have we jumped tracks on an issue that in this case is not an issue? Why? Because, we are absolutely stupid and easily distracted as a Nation! Yes, America the beautiful and often times full of SH#$!! I’d rather live in a Country like Iran where the Dictator can say exactly what he actually feels and means than continue to have this duplicitous rhetoric spewed on every media outlet on cable and internet (politically speaking of course). At least they know their leader is a jackass and could care less if they eat or not! Notice how they (not in power) want real change and fight with their lives every day in hopes that someone will save them. Do you think they could be distracted on whether Ahmadinejad's wife knows what their life is like? HELL NO! (for the record, no I don't want to be Iranian, nor am I a Muslim fundamentalist...however, i would like our politics to have REAL substance and stop with the overbearing hubris)

What in the hell is wrong with us? Mommy Wars…really? Were mothers asleep when Congress basically established an all male panel to decide what kinds of contraception they would be allowed to have on their insurances? Where were Mrs. Romney and her adoring fans’ outcry then? It’s all politics people….WAKE UP!!! The reality is people get paid a lot of money to mislead and keep we Americans confused and asleep. We are not getting politically smarter we’re WORSE! If we wake up and begin to let the media know we don’t care about the alleged Mommy Wars, N. Korea’s paper rocket that fell in the sea, or ALL Reality TV programs....we will go back to the good ole days when reporting was by true professionals that cared if "truths" were being told!

Dear God, please bring back (Walter Cronkite, Edward R Murrow, Tim Russert, Peter Jennings, Ed Bradley and Andy Rooney)....please :(

By the way, when did “a Corporation” become an individual? AND why in the hell did “we the people” let 9 FOOLS (in black robes) tell us we’re ignorant and didn’t know the answer to that question already!? Why are we not at arms about that? Ooppps that a discussion for another day….

Milano Flascucci~

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The ONLY answer is....the LIGHT!

It has been brought to my attention that African-Americans (esp. those in modern history) are quick to raise a voice in protest for the many injustices placed upon their heads. Yet that weight never seems to be taken off their brow? Why? Recently, a young African-American Trayvon Martin (now more famous in death, than ever would have been in life…one would think?) has been raised as a recent martyr.  He was shot and killed by a man who’s been purported to be a Democrat and of Peruvian/white decent. So, why has the majority of mainstream conservative America taken the charge to stand in support of a man who shared very little history or value with them? Do they really care if he receives a fair trial or escapes a trial altogether? apparently Sean Hannity does...

Legendary activist Angela Davis scolded African Americans for being hot and cold leaders for justice! I agree….  How soon do we as a people go back to our “Matrix like” existences once we perceived the spot light is off…once the cameras are not turned on! I agree with her that having Zimmerman arrested and convicted cannot and will not address our plight! George is simply the instrument of the problem. The “system” is and will always be the core and bane of the African-American. Are African-Americans willing to raise the same kind of fuss when it’s reported that their voting rights are being slowly taken away? NOPE! “I’ve got to go to work tomorrow” or back to the FIELDS, right!

Here are a few thoughts I see as the problem…

-          We have absolutely no willingness to unite as a solid fist to fight injustices
-          We LOVE money too much and don’t realize it is POWER that rules….not money
-          We hate each other!
-          We hate educating ourselves to a new concept of belief
-          There is no “we”
-          We have no clue as to our “History”….. the real one
-          We think $100,000 is a lot of money
-          We love trends and looks that degrade us
-          We think we are “real” when we are “lost”
-          We refuse to go to Africa to see our Origin
-          We don’t realize that our freedom is only hate by “love”
-          We believe that Africans that come to America are not our brothers/sisters
-          We think we are actually “Democrats”
-          We sale and use “their” drugs
-          We spend close to $1Trillion in retail expenditures a year and won’t spend anything to support or help our selves
-          What does “Gotta Get mine” actually mean?

The only answer is to look for and find “the light”! Senator Henry Berry once addressed the Virginia House of Delegates by saying “We have as far as possible closed every avenue by which the LIGHT will enter the Slaves Mind. If we could extinguish the capacity to see the LIGHT our work would be complete. They would then be on the level with the beast of the field. And we would be Safe”. So what is the light? It is your 3rd Eye which lies within. It never lies because it is your direct conduit to the Universe and its truths. It is GOD within you. We are all equal in this World of simple plain truths above so below, we attract in our lives what we focus on the most and the Law of Consistency!

I do not believe I am completely unplugged from the matrix nor do I think my reality is my existence. Yet what I do believe is that until those 2 things come to pass, my light will never shine. What about you?

Milano Flascucci~

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