Friday, September 24, 2010

Introducing...the PR Experience

Introducing the PR Experience! An Atlanta Based Duet! Featuring Mr. Marvin Pryor & Mr. Nelson Render. Recently, we were fortunate to sit down with these 2 amazing musicians to discuss the history and future of the PR Experience. The video below captures that interview.

Mr. Pryor (Trombonist) was tutored at the prestigious Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA while Mr. Render (Trumpeter) honed his craft at both FAMU & Delaware State (I’m proud to say Mr. Render and I were drum majors at FAMU together)! The PR Experience is a smooth blend of Jazz funk and NEO Soul. After a chance meeting, these two decided to form a duet and take the world by storm!

***excuse the sudden cut off...i ran out of space :-(

Two of the PR Experiences re-occurring gigs are Kat’s Café (970 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta) and Café 290 (290 Hilderbrand Rd. Atlanta); although they will and do perform at a number of events and venues both in and out of State. If you find yourself in the "A", be sure to stop in enjoy the show.

What I could easily see while speaking with these two musicians is that they really do have a natural connection together and have played with each other so much they know where the other is going at all times. They combine expert musicianship and sheer entertainment to give any audience an “experience” they’ll never forget! I encourage every music lover to be sure to catch their performance SOON!

For more information about booking the PR Experience visit their website at:

or email:

also call (404) 626-8038 or (404) 824-9805

***If you’re in the area for the Atlanta Classic Weekend [FAMU vs. TSU] be sure to check out the PR Experience at

Kat’s Café

Saturday, Sept. 25th

8:30pm-Until (get their early)!!!

Cover: $10.00

Milano Flascucci~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breaking the Color Barrier with Bubba...a well kept secret

Here’s a fantastic story I viewed on ESPN awhile back about an amazing athlete most of us old fogies have never heard. One of the contributors on the program asked his colleagues a very usual question (at least among most sports fanatics). Who is the most dominant athlete in his or her sport? The usual suspects were voiced: Kobe, Tiger, Brady, Manny! Notice this list is a host of one named heroes. Would it surprise you to hear ‘Bubba’ as the answer? I sure as heck was…

James ‘Bubba’ Stewart is a living legend in motor cross racing…and he’s an African-American. James Jr. comes from very humble beginnings. Growing up in Florida, his parents were of meager means to say the least. Yet his father introduced him to the sport the day he was brought home from the hospital. James Sr. says he road around on his sports cycle, one hand on the handle bars the other on his newborn son (how did he pull that off!?). ‘Bubba’ began his amateur racing at the tender age of 4 years old and went on to dominate the previously all white sport. Turning pro in 2002 he quickly rose to become the face of Motor Cross Racing. In 2008, he won every race that season in the outdoor Nationals for a perfect season!

As I am listening to this remarkable story I was thinking of the terrible obstacles Bubba and his father must have gone through. How in the heck did his dad afford the bikes or entry fees during the beginning? With no other African-Americans anywhere how did he feel empowered? The normal comparison is to Tiger Woods. However unbelievable Tiger’s rise to power was, there still were other African-Americans who have paved the way (John Shippen and Lee Elder to name a few). This can not be said of James Stewart Jr.


The Stewarts did indeed face a more than fair amount of racial confrontations. The elder Stewart from one of his accounts said he was once told by an official “We don’t race ‘N’ here!” James Sr. simply replied “That’s great because we came here to race motor bikes”. Bubba faced constant racial slurs while flying around the track but never once did it damper his desire to be the best in “HIS” sport.

The most dominant athlete in the world is a 26year old African-American, and his name is not Tiger….It’s Bubba. Now you too, know him…

Milano Flascucci~

Exercise: This is a simple concept. I want you to think about what obstacles you have in your life that hold you back from you greatness that lies within. Find the 4 year old boy or girl inside you that does not know the word (no’ or can’t)!

Now unleash them and dominate your “sport”

No excuses! “Excuses are tools for the incompetent; those who use them seldom accomplish anything”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You have the right to be Exclusive…

365 Introduces to our readers celebrity photographer Calvin Evans of Exclusive photography. Last week, Calvin Evans was a guest on The Conversation”. We managed to catch up with Calvin on the set of a photo shoot with two amazing models from Zimbabwe.

Mr. Evans began his love affair with the camera while shooting for his high school year book. After a few key people observed his work and natural eye it was suggested he take a serious look at making a living in the field of photography. The art of photography runs through Calvin’s veins. His father was a crime scene photographer for many years. While hanging out in dark rooms as a youth, Calvin was able to see the magic of film processing, developing come to life!

Derek Blanks, Tshombe Roberts, Drexina Nelson, Leo Marshall, Tim Barrett and the legendary Gordon Parks all have served as mentors in building character, desire and perseverance. They taught him that life is a long and difficult journey and you have to make things happen by staying focused on your goals. You should always strive to continue learning and placing value into your craft.

Big ups to King Steal of Kingsmen Media Group for filming/editing this video...

Calvin Evans specializes in digital photos, ad design, PR/marketing, digital imagery and contract drafting. Having received the highly acclaimed “Trumpet Award” Calvin work has been seen on 944 Magazine, Life & Time magazines, VH1’s “What Chilli wants”, B.E.T., Tyler Perry’s Grand Opening and much more…

Be sure to follow Exclusive Photography at and exclusiverightstv (on youtube).

To purchase rights or license images contact Ken Barboza: (212) 505-8635


For Bookings

Contact Corey Punzi of L’affaire Media: (404) 840-8090

365ers…”You have the right to be EXCLUSIVE”

Milano Flascucci~