Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are the rats jumping off a sinking ship?

Well, well, well…it appears the recent Bishop Eddie Long voyage has some passengers jumping off the ship. Today’s announcement by late great Dr. M.L. King’s daughter Rev. Bernice King will be leaving New Birth Missionary Church has some (including me) scratching their heads.

For those who may have been in a 3rd World Country and was unaware Bishop Eddie Long has been under the accusations of sexual misconduct by 4 young men who attended his church. Recently, the Bishop reached a $15 million settlement with his accusers in order to keep him and his church out of the courtroom and further media publicity. It was believed that Mr. Long would deny any settlement and preferred to have his day in court to clear his name. But, that came to past and a settlement was the order of the day. These proceedings leave me (and hopefully you) with a few questions? The first and most obvious is, “WHY”? I would think anyone (especially a man of the cloth speaking daily before hundreds of thousands) would need to have his name free of such vile accusations. How can a church continue to believe in their leader who simply made the issue go away with a check? Secondly, who is going to pay that $15 million bill? Lastly, who’s going to stay on this very damaging “ship” (congregation)?

We know now one prominent soldier for Christ who decided her good family name could not be associated any further with this house of cards….Rev. Bernice King! Ms. King who also served as an Elder in the church gave no “real” explanation as to why the sudden departure except that this was in the making for quite some time and that time has come (yeah right). The first of many leaders of New Birth, has decided to jump off this apparent sinking ship. Will this lead to other leaders decided enough is enough and will the King followers join her in raising a finger and waltzing down the church isle and jumping into a speeding car to get the heck out of dodge!?

By the way, if you believe the church tithes and offerings won’t be used to pay this extreme pennant off….YOU MUST BE OUT YO MIND!!! Do you really see the good Bishop withdrawing $15 million from his own personal account to take care of this problem? I read where the members of the church gave Bishop Long a rousing round of applause as he gave his 1st sermon after his announcement of the big pay off. HUH??? I must have read that section in err. Surely, the good people of New Birth had enough self-love to, at the very least, cast a discouraging eye… well maybe not! For it has been said “broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter it ... but narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it”…(somewhere in Matthews)

This is a pretty DAMN wide Road isn’t it…???

Who am I kidding? If Eddie Long was caught having sex with all four of those young men at one time right before Sunday morning service by every member of the church….At least half of the members would stick around 'til the benediction…***blank stare***

Milano Flascucci~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Michael McFadden's...Truisms!

“Truisms” ~ are claims that are so obvious or self-evident that some people don’t even think about it, but they serve as a guide and a reminder to follow a few simple rules in order to be successful. Michael McFadden is a motivational speaker, radio host, master of ceremony, and author of the book “Truisms”. I had the opportunity to read “Truisms” and never have I been more impressed at a writer’s ability to focus on his core values and prose it in a way that every single person can comprehend. If you know Michael and have had a chance to hear his story you will understand why this book was written and why it’s nothing short of a miracle that he’s alive to share his story.

“Truisms” reminds us of sound fundamental principles the reader will use to overcome all obstacles. As I read through the principles I found myself going back to write them down in my journal to insure I’m focusing on them each and every day. The best part about the book is the ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS given at the end of each chapter (designed to help you begin to apply each chapter to your life TODAY) “Truisms” like:

*Developing good people skills

*Be self-motivated

*Continue to master your craft

*Be consistent and diligent

* Be reliable and responsible

Are but a few dynamic insights for readers of all ages!

(Mr. Real Talk on "the Conversation" talking about his new book!)

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By the way if you have not tuned in to listen via the internet Michael McFadden’s blog talk radio show “Real Talk with Michael McFadden” then you’ve done yourself a disservice. The show provides a platform for artists, authors & philosophers to gain exposure and share their voices to his audience. The show airs every Monday and Thursday night at 7pm est… The reason I mention this is because if you get a chance to hear his show, you’ll begin to get an understanding of his high energetic personality. I’m totally bias in writing this review, because I consider Michael (or Face as he’s known) to be a mentor/friend. But I can honestly say I’ve not known a more positive guy who will not let barriers keep him from his divine purpose. So, RUN out TODAY and get this book. Then call up 2 more friends who you really care about and tell them to RUN out TODAY and buy it as well. Trust me they will thank you sincerely….one day!


ISBN: 13-9781451555820



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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's a President to do?

Not since President James K. Polk has a President set a series of agendas and went about achieving them with such reckless abandon. Most Presidents do not like to accomplish too much in their 1st term because it leaves them very susceptible to their opponents opinions. The other party then has a tremendous amount of material to campaign against. In the case of Pres. Polk, he did not care since he promised to be a one term President and he kept his promise! Pres. Obama did not get this memo?! I realize that many of you reading this article don’t like the President (some because of his color, some because of his politics and some because the Republicans leaders said not too)!!! Yet, very few of you can say he has been lazy and refuse to tackle the tough issues.

I’m not evaluating the President on whether I love every move he’s made nor am I using this platform to win over his enemies, Is it not a shame that the POTUS has enemies in his own country (especially in an elected democratic society)? What I am going to point out is the urgency to which Pres. Obama seems to be attacking issue after issue. I’m interested in knowing why he’s so passionate in doing so? It’s certainly not to increase his possibility of a re-election bid. If that were the case he’d be resting on his laurels. Not since Nixon have I seen the other side of the isle go after the President with such vitriol (and I didn’t think Nixon deserved it either). I know we live in a cynical world and America certainly leads that cause, but once we select a leader, it is this writer’s opinion that, we’d be better suited to support him for the sake of posterity. Perhaps, it's better to have a Dictatorship where if you disagree with the leader they simply come to your house and shoot you??!!!

Listed below are just a few of Pres. Obama’s tasks he’s scratched off his to do list…

Wallstreet reform

Credit Card reform

Fair Pay Act (Lillie Ledbetter)

Nuclear Arms Deal with Russia

Hate Crimes Prevention Act

FDA Regulate Tobacco

Fired 2 War times Generals

Overhauled SallieMae Student loans

Appointed 2 women to the Supreme Court (Kagen & Sotomayer)

Healthcare reform

Supported the Hurricane victims in Alabama

Ended War in Iraq

Ended Stop-Loss policy for soldiers

Phased out F-22 War plane

Federal support for Stem-Cell and biomedical research

Increased infrastructure spending on bridges, roads and power plants through monies in second Stimulus plan

Auto Industry rescue plan

No Torture policy

Visited more countries and met with more World Leaders during his 1st 6 months than any other Pres.

Controlled Piracy of the coast of Somalia

Established a new Cyber Security office

and, built a swing set for the girls outside the oval office

Oh, and authorized the mission that led to the killing of Usama Bin-Laden

Boy, I got carpal tunnel just typing that list!!! Of course this is certainly not everything the President has done over the last few years. He’s also been a loving Father and Husband to his family(all this while being a Muslim, chain smoking, Nazi, illegal alien) . We've heard no scandals about his fidelity to his wife, yet still so many would destroy him. He’s not perfect and he’s not the Devil but he sure is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE!!!

Milano Flascucci~

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm "Addicted" to Giselle...!

R&B’s newest starlette has arrived! Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a songstress diva with real power and talent! Her name? Giselle Grayson….you may know her as the R&B Barbie!!! Here’s what I know-she’s fly, attractive, a diva, funny, can “SANG”, and owns the stage. Here’s what her resume says-she a singer, song writer, actress, producer and entrepreneur (all before the age of 24!).

As I understand it, everyone is excited about having "GG" join them on tour. Already she’s toured with T.I., Young Jeezy, Lloyd, and Sean Paul (Hell! she’s even been on stage with Willie Nelson!). Did I mention she has the most adorable southern drawl and charm (TEXAS’s very own)?

Giselle has sold over 30,000 units of her debut album “Fallen Angel” which continues to rack up the numbers with online sales. G2 released the official ladies remix “whatever you like” featuring T.I. and launched her career into the world of hip hop with over 920,000 myspace plays… Just when you thought “there’s no way she can top that?!” G2 comes back with a hit single “Google me B*$Ch (read between the lines lol) from her sophomore album “Addicted”. She was blessed to work with multi-platinum producer “Jaylien2010” who headed several tracks on the album. Coming to your live in Spring 2011 her new release tour will launch her Nationwide (followed by a International tour both in Europe and Asia).

I was so lucky and pleased to have the R&B Barbie as a guest on “the Conversation” this year. Take a listen and see if you just as in love with her as we were…J

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Duyanna Anderson

(513) 410-7226

(702) 883-6625



WWW.GISELLEGRAYSON.COM (Giselle's 2011 tour schedule will be announced soon!)




Milano Flascucci~

Monday, May 2, 2011

Indie Film Maker Akil DuPont

Wow, were do i start? "Underground" a fabulous short story film directed by a name you might want to remember Mr. Akil DuPont. Written by Ariya Watty & Akil it is a slave story told through song. Featuring up and coming stars Ken Wester, Tomi Townsend & Nike Eaton, "Underground" follows a field slave who plans to escape from his oppressive plantation life after he discovers "master" is planning to sell off his young daughter.

I was pleasantly surprised after viewing this powerful journey into America's infamous past. Every aspect of movie film making was professionally covered in this film. The cinematography was well crafted, the editing was concise with the director's eye & the music was historically dramatized. Underground was produced by Allison Leger and was done as a Director School project at Florida State University (FSU film).

I know i'm tooting the proverbial horn for "Underground" but i'm not the only one. The film has won several film festival awards including:

* 1st place, Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival-2010
* Best of Brouhaha, Florida Film Festival, Orlando -2011
* Best Short Film, San Diego Black Film Festival-2011
* Best Short Film, Texas Black Film Festival-2011
* 1st place, Palm Beach International Film Festival-2011
* Best Student Short, Tallahassee Film Festival-2011

These awards are given by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation or The Emmy Foundation***

* National College Television Award Winner-Best Use of Music-2011
* National College Television Award Nominee-Best Composition-2011

Akil DuPont was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL and attended FAMU where he graduated with his B.A. in Economics. Mr. Dupont furthered his craft in production design, directing, storytelling and the photography arts obtaining his MFA at the FSU film school. He's looking to develop his award-winning short film "Underground", into a feature-length film and is looking for financial & creative partners to collaborate with.

If you'd like to reach out to this up and coming Director contact him at akidee@comcast.net or (850) 443-3883. Be sure to visit the website at www.dupontproductions.com.

Support our new minds by getting this movie!!! You won't be disappointed...LONG LIVE INDEPENDENT FILMS!!!

*** Be sure to listen in on Akil DuPont's interview on "the Conversation" with host Author D.K. Garrison below...

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