Friday, November 23, 2012

Great Job America....Land That I Love?!

It seems powerfully contradictory to the message the “American People” preached throughout the campaign cycle that there are “NO” jobs and we as a Country have “NO” money? Americans and Republicans shouted on the highest mountains that the Government is spending our Country into the Abyss of Chinese control. Polls citing our Nations fluxing unemployment percentages donned every channel and the Red Party preaching on the lack of job growth rates made for the end of the United States as we know it…(and it is ALL Pres. Obama’s fault).

Then, I turn on the “tele” only to find a surge of mass hysteria of bodies trampling other souls to race to spend money they say we don’t have at stores (aka small business owners) they say are barely open? This madness is affectionately branded “Black Friday”(originating in Philadelphia circa 1975)! The day named thus by Billionaire owners targeting the very same electorate that argues raising tax rates for the 1%ers or regulating wall street. How many Millionaires do you think are racing around standing in lines with the middle-class  All this, while hundreds of thousands in the Northeast recovering from “Sandy”still have no running water nor heat.

That’s not ALL…

Now, it seems retailers are getting a much needed jump on Black Friday! It’s “even Blacker Thursdays”!!!! Go ahead and drop by Granddad’s with the family, whoof down the deep fried turkey, dressing and cherry pie then get your pup tent out and get in line at the nearest Best Buy. I’m going to go out on a limb and advocate we just skip the whole Turkey Day celebration and get things started on Monday and just carry through the week! Who needs Thanksgiving anyways…

Great Job America….Land that I love

~Milano Flascucci