Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rise of the Man of Color...

The rise of the “Man of Color" is upon us! What? ... you don’t believe me? King of Kings, Rulers of vast realms of Riches and Minerals. This   ascension has been a long time coming. Why? Because of you !!  You have taken so long to believe in the power that lies within you; and everyone sees it but you! While others continue to feed you poison and tear down your family by causing dissention between you and your Queen; she feels comfortable sharing with the world that you're nothing more than a DOG or a no good baby daddy. The system (jail) has offered you 3 meals and a cot for the exchange of your kingdom!

...but I know, “A change Gone come”

You’ve been stripped of your rank among the corporate dinner table. They’ve devised a way to emasculate your credit so you have no backup plan! Is it so easy to pronounce your soul mates to be bitches and hoes? You called them those pretty descriptive words so long they now answer to them!? What was once a symbol of being a right of possession in an all male world of imprisonment (wearing your pants low to show your underwear) is now what is prescribed to be SWAG….huh? Your leaders speaking on behalf of your plight have been comedians, rappers and gangsters.

But whoa to thee the rise of the Man of Color has come. All eyes point towards the Motherland, your Motherland, our Motherland….AFRICA! The world has told us that we come from jungle bunnies and flesh eaters. They say go home to your dry desert and roaming lions-tigers-bears. But, we were scared to go see for ourselves! We were hood-winked, bamboozled & run amuck, or at least some of you were. Some were not fooled. Some stood guard….flag in hand waiting for more souljahs to join them [to be awakened from the MATRIX].

Our time is now and Mother AFRICA needs all within the diaspora. Come home and protect her for she is being colonized for the last time. It is time for the “Black Man” to rule once again and all knows it but YOU! Why do you think they are so afraid of you. No one is afraid of the powerless. So, you MUST be the powerful!!!! Stop asking for leaders and role models because they are YOU. Let’s take back our families by being its KING. Let’s win back our Queens who sit on the throne to our right to provide balance in our rule. Come on my fellow Man of Color, what say you? Our time is here….now rise Black Man, rise!

Milano Flascucci~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

7 Tips for a Real Estate junkie...!

As I’ve written in my book “How to Survive the Next 365” I have more than 17 years of Real Estate experience. Having been involved with more than $10 million of real estate transactions, I’ve constantly kept my ear to the pulse of the market. Listed below are my 7 tips for real estate in 2011, I want you (the readers) to focus on. Of course as I go around the country speaking (on those occasions I talk about real estate) I advise you to listen to those who have experience in the business. Be careful to watch who you listen to! There are those who would have you believe real estate is dead….DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE J

 1.      There’s still only a limited amount of land in the World. So, no matter what the Government, Wall Street & real estate experts say... supply and demand principles never lie!

2.     2.  If you are liquid you are GOLD. Now is the time you can find some unbelievable retail real estate deals especially in the residential forum. I’ve seen deals up to 80% off already discounted purchase prices.

3.      3. Out with the old…in with the new! The art of “flipping” is long gone and a dead way of doing business. Although you’re able to get deals like you’ve never done before, you are going to have to exercise patience in your exit strategies. Buying and holding property will allow you to put yourself in a position of extreme wealth in the near future. In most markets 20-30K will allow you to obtain a practical 2 or 3 bedroom home with little to no rehab work. I would advise you to make the home rent ready and build yourself a positive cash flow on a monthly basis while you wait for the market to correct itself.

4.     4.  For those who are a bit more risqué, try to pool your monies in order to be able to approach banks with a bulk order offer. You’ll probably need a minimum of 100,000 cash to (250,000 min would be ideal) in order to bid for a bank’s REO bundle. When purchasing these large bundle packages, you will have properties that need a ton of work and those that will be steals. Your steals will be more than enough to break even or make a profit. Hold on to your duds or sell them off at extremely low deals.


5.    5.   The banking industry is still trying to find its way back into the trusting arms of the American people. On the other end, real estate has (in most markets) bottomed out. So, by purchasing property via cash deals you’re investing at an extreme low rate on future valued asset with nowhere to go but up. The almighty dollar is taking a beating so the quicker you can convert it to a valued asset the better. When it’s time to sell be sure to utilize a 1031 exchange deferred tax process (I just love this form!).

6.      6.  Small multi-unit apartment complexes are a prime time investment. Although I wouldn’t recommend them for beginners, if you want true positive cash flow assets…this is your baby! Again, due to the extremely low rates & prices you can get these gems dirt cheap. There’s still a need to have a great maintenance and management crew (without them you just bought yourself a 60hr job). As a result to the market crash and high foreclosure tally, many are having to result to becoming a renter. With proper location (plus the other 2 recommendations) you should be able to keep a 70-80% occupancy rate. This should be more than enough to keep you in the black. Oh, and by the way, fully furnished rentals are making a comeback!

7.   7.    Finally, I want everyone to understand that a house is only an investment when it is bought properly with the proper investment strategy. Just buying a  home to live in does not make it an investment (it makes it a BILL)!? So, even if you’re simply looking for a great upgrade for you and your family be sure to think about a long or short term strategy to make you a significant profit! As many have discovered a home can become a complete nightmare which will/can have you upside down in a New York minute…

 I truly hope I've empowered a many of you, tantalized others, and encouraged a few to stop listening to CNN, CNBC or Fox News and get in the game. It is time like these when millionaires are made; while others sit on the sideline waiting for the end of days (which by the way came and went). Be sure to purchase my book, give me a call and let me know how successful you're becoming in real estate. 

Happy hunting!!!

Milano Flascucci~

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ok..."Why Not Black Women?"

“Why Not Black Women” is a dogmatic view of the problems black men have with black women. It is primarily based on two resources (as much as I can determine). The first being the authors own personal experience and the second an extensive research from the horse’s mouth…MEN (actually over 200)! Dawn Bedingfield is a self described “part-time” author, but this report is not part time work! In this writer’s opinion…she’s out done herself.

The book addresses a very universal theme that more and more black men are dating and in some cases marrying white women. Now, I know you’ve probable read countless books and article prescribing the cause of all this raucous. But trust me; you’ll enjoy how Dawn takes herself (for the most part) out of the equation. As a man I was relieved to find this book was not another male bashing extravaganza (Lord knows there’s enough books on Amazon.com for that). This book tries to take the thoughts and opinions from men and convey them (in detail) to the hearts and minds of women of color. By the way, did you know that 50% of black women in the US are single? DAMN FOR REAL….?

As a critic, the book is short and to the point. It is well written and well edited. The 14 chapters help outline and order the path or plight men vs women go through on a daily bases. Seldom have I read a book from cover to cover in such a short time (most of the time I’m too damn bored). It is my belief that this book can and will be the perfect platform for establishing a meaningful dialog between “the black relationship”. Men…this book will help you learn why black women don’t like to trust men with their lives; it will give you some insight into where the term “Independent Woman” derived its origin from. Women, after reading this book you will either dismiss it as being overly exaggerated or…you will learn why black men feel their homes are nothing more than pt.2 of a daily battlefield that carries over from each day. Hey, but don’t trust my expert critique…LOL…buy the book and tell me I’m wrong!

Milano Flascucci~

“Why Not Black Women?...A Report”
Published by Publish America (Baltimore)
Written by Dawn L. Bedingfield 2010
ISBN 978-1-4512-6994-9
Soft cover (96pgs) 6X9

***Dawn is a Atlanta based author and mother of 4 children. She is the author of several self-help books and poems…