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Top 10 Authors on the Conversation w/ Klarque Garrison 2011!!!

During the year of 2011 blog talk radio’s “the Conversation with Klarque Garrison” featured many authors Nationwide in all genres. We decided to feature in this blog our top 10 accomplished scribes and their literary works. We hope that you support each author by visiting their websites and following our recommendation of adding their novels to your bookshelves. The Conversation is an online talk radio show that features authors, singers, entrepreneurs, business owners or anyone with a positive voice, product, service or journey. The show airs live each Sunday at 4pm EST and Wednesday at 7pm EST and records in podcast so you can listen to any playback and any time! I’ve listed the dates we interviewed each author. So, be sure to go to our show page and search the “on demand episodes” for the dates listed…

In no particular order…

Jemal Gibson

Mr. Gibson has an amazing story of love, despair & curse. In his book “Drugs: My Curse, My Savior” Jemal shares his harrowing experience in the inner city of Chicago and how in a twist of irony Drugs (which once plagued his family) became his Savior! I recommend this book to all everyone as a symbol of hope! This bestselling author is a graduate of Florida A&M University and now resides in Atlanta, Ga.  Jemal was recognized as featured author at the 2011 National Book Club Conference. We had the pleasure of having Mr. Gibson as a guest on the show  March 27th. For more information on the author visit www.drugsmycursemysavior

Cas Sigers

Cas Sigers a Native of North Carolina has been writing for almost a decade. Her writing journey originates in writing spec scripts for various show runners. She and her business partner Ms. Terri J. Vaughn created Nina Holiday Entertainment with the purpose of developing feature film and television projects. Sigers also served as supervising producer for the Mo’Nique Show! You can find her novels at most Targets & Walmart Stores. Check out any of her 5 novels including “The Virgin Widow!” Cas, appeared on our November 23rd date!  For more info about Cas Sigers go to: 

Trice Hickman

Award Winning Author Trice Hickman (a self-proclaimed Southern Girl)  decided to take the plunge into the literary world after her then secure 9 to 5 job put her on waivers….that code for, she GOT FIRED! It’s a good thing for us that she did because soon after “Unexpected Interruptions” was born! Although starting off as a indie book writer she soon garnered the attention of the publishing house of Kensington Publishing Corp came a calling. You can find Trice on the book tour circuit, speaking with book clubs worldwide or speaking at colleges year round. We caught up with her November 16th and the show has not been the same since J. For more info about Trice Hickman go to:

Susanna Barlow

“What Peace There May Be” deals with polygamy and the trials it brings the children living within this cultural phenomenon. Susanne is the 23rd child of 46 children, the quintessential middle child! Reading this book will help you discover how a small sect in Utah has challenged a standard system built on 1 husband and 1 wife. I certainly enjoyed interviewing Ms. Barlow and listening to her honesty with views she was born into. If you’re like me, you have little to no experience with polygamy. Reading this book will give you an insight you never thought you’d have. Susanne was a guest on our show Oct. 12, 2011. For more info about the book and the author go to:

Dawn Bedingfield

It’s no secret that there’s a growing trend of African-American males dating and marrying women of different races. Dawn Bedingfield has decided to get answers right from the source. This book is a report of here going out into the field and getting answers from African-American men. You will be surprised at what she found! After months of hearing the thoughts of more than 200 men in seven states, Dawn was drenched with compassion and understanding for the black man. You can catch the interview with Dawn on our June 12, show. You can find this book at:

Val Jones

"Chasing the Wind" is a story about the choices we make and the consequences we face. It chronicles the life and times of Viviana Long, an intellectually gifted girl who spent the majority of her life straddling the fence between right and wrong; between humbling herself and standing strong. Viviana’s journey is both good and bad. Come experience the best and worst times a young girl ever had. Val Jones is one of the most talented writers we’ve had on the show. This books speaks to you no matter what age, sex or race. You can find the interview with Ms. Jones by searching the show aired on November 23rd; Enjoy and look for this book at:

Kiffany Dugger

Growing up in Mississippi surrounded by southern bells and then relocating to Michigan, Kiffany was influenced by strong women that taught her proper etiquette, style, and grace. People have always been intrigued by Seth St. James, especially her green eyes. After all, she looks nothing like the woman who raised her. But Seth's past is cloaked in mystery. No one knows about the tragic accident that left eight-year-old Seth an orphan in the care of her surrogate grandmother, Madelyn. Together the two have worked hard to keep what really happened that fateful night a secret. We were most fortunate to have this powerful author on the August 31st show. To find more info about Kiffany go to:

Dawn Nicole

Dawn Nicole is a multi-talented indie artist who found her way to Atlanta from Richmond back in 2006. While taking a mini break from songwriting Dawn explored her talents as an Author. What came out of this movement was “The Velvet Whisper”. The “Velvet Whisper” is a contemporary urban novel involving three young successful black women who are also best friends. The story takes place in Chicago and takes the reader on a whirl-wind journey of love, heartbreak, mistrust, and intrigue. “the Velvet Whisper” is a modern day love story with an old school feel. Ms. Nicole was interviewed on the December 18th show. For more info about Dawn Nicole and her novel go to:

Michael McFadden

After growing up In the D.C. area and living a youthful life of Hustlin on the streets, Michael McFadden realized this in no legacy to leave. Moving to the Metro Atlanta area his life to a turn for the better (MUCH BETTER)! Serving his Country as an infantry soldier in “operation Desert Storm” the proof of change was in the pudding. Now, as a successful talk radio show host, national speaker and author he travels preaching his principles of “Truisms”. We first had an opportunity to have Mr. McFadden on our show on the Jan. 9th show but since then he’s been a friend of the show and drops by oftenJ! To follow Michael McFadden on his journey go to:

Anjuelle Floyd

Absolutely without a doubt one of my favorite new authors in the game! Ms. Floyd has two excellent novels “the House” & “Keeper of Secrets” with a third underway “Season in Purdah”. She is a clever writer with a mastery of suspense and detail. If these 3 works are an example of where she’s going the Literary World just got a big richer! She’s a wife with 3 kids, license family and marriage therapist, grade from DUKE U., and lives in Cali! You can catch a very insightful interview with Anjuelle on our October 5, show! For more info on Anjuelle Floyd go to:

Wow, what a powerful season on the HOTTEST TALK RADIO SHOW OUT!! I'd like to also give a shout out to all the authors who graced our show in 2011 (too many to name but you know who you are)!!! Thanks so much for your tireless work and your love for your craft. Be sure to check out the shows listed above AND all our other shows in PODCAST at our website:

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

99 vs. 1: who are you betting on?

The greatest trick the devil ever played was that he does not exist. The greatest trick the 1%ers created was that 1% is more powerful the 99%! Nowhere else in the mathematical world is this fact accepted. Yet, in our society we fret and frown that the awe inspiring "Richie Rich-ers" are holding the rest of us hostage. How are they able to pull this magic trick off?

We are not utilizing our two greatest strengths…Our collective power of the vote & our disposable incomes.

 There is a version of “class warfare” going on and they call it “Occupy America Movement” which got its roots from Occupy Wall Street. Interesting enough that one would pick Wall Street as a place of protest. Especially, since Wall-Streeters have no pulse and primarily are not human! The movement has grown to become an international surge taking place in over 95 cities and 82 Countries! The 99%ers are said to desire economic and social equality. The problem is…I doubt if the 1% are going to wake up and decide “your right, we’ll just give you our money…you deserve it!” It’s not going to happen!!! This harkens back to memories of the Proletariat vs. the bourgeoisie. AND I think you know how that ended. It amazes me how the hoarders of power and money believe that at no point will the lower class get fed up to the point of no return?

By no means am I suggesting we 99%ers revolt into a revolutionary war [see Communist Manifesto]. However, I am hoping we revolt in a way that is far more effective.  With our voting power we could become our own lobbyist. We could press for the laws we want passed by informing our Congressmen and Senators that if things aren’t changed they won’t be in office for long. Seems like a pretty easy concept yet it’s not. Why? M-O-N-E-Y…!!! They use money to influence or position. By offering our leaders to acquiesce they then in return deter us from continuing and reason with us why things should stay status quo (see our current tax argument). By using the argument that giving more tax breaks on the top 1% would increase the number of jobs they’d create is just plain dumb and has never played itself out in history….(you remember “HISTORY”? The one thing that is supposed to help us not make the same mistakes over and over again). I'm sure in our hearts none of us believe that argument but we’re still paralyzed to demand a common sense approach.

 The Vote…a Constitutional right that holds the power to shape a nation but we are not using that right. Typically only about 50% of eligible voters actually vote in a Presidential election, and only about 35% vote in a Congressional election. WTH!?
Now, how can we influence BANKS, Congress & Big Corporations to regulate themselves and create a more fair reality for Americans? Choose how and where we will spend our money! The 1%ers rely on OUR income to maintain their 1% status. So, we are the ones to blame in the end. You choose to spend your money at Wall mart even though you know they have unfair working practices towards “women”. You choose to keep you money in traditional banks even though you know they caused the economic meltdown.  Why won’t you make a stand by shopping at small business stores or placing you money in local Credit Unions? Oh I forgot,”Convenience” !!!  You’d rather remain in near poverty and feed the extravagantly rich than drive 5 miles out of your way to support you local Credit Union which gives back to the community by granting local loans. We have the power to control our own destiny but because we’ve become lazy people we refuse to do so.

1%ers vs 99%ers….they win every time because they know who we are and how we think. God help us all!
TIME IS RUNNING OUT….it’s time to act!

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  • Lastly, FIGHT BACK!!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Foreclosure….A Moral Crisis?

So far to date, we’ve had over 1 million plus foreclosures in the United States of America. In 2010, we had over 2.9 million US properties receive foreclosure fillings. Are the Banks going mad? Would they be willing to foreclose of every American? The answer….YEP!

The robber barons have the United States on lock. They are unchecked and have no Government oversight that really means anything. Let’s take a look at the current modus operandi of our big 5 economic giants. Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers are essentially the President, Vice-President, Treasure Secretary, US Securities and Exchange Commission, and Congress.  They systematically (driven by greed) constructed and pandered derivatives using mortgage instruments to make billions at the expense of the na├»ve would be homeowners and quite frankly at the expense of YOU…the smart ones! Because this calamity effects all of us not just the ones who’ve had the misfortune of having lost their part of the American Dream. But who, pray tell, is still on top? Who has not had one legal charge brought up with someone having to pay? I think you know the answer…

Foreclosure-the legal process by which the mortgage holder of lien holder gains its security back! However, here’s the tricky part: The person who’s claiming or suing you for a foreclosure is not the original granter of funds. In fact, I bet in most cases that original piece of useless paper has been traded and gambled on no less than 10 times since you sat down proudly at an Attorney’s table and signed on the dotted line. Is this process legal? Folks like Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin seem to think the answer is NO!!!  The President and this administration have carted out several initiatives designed to urge the banks to work with homeowners who could be saved if their mortgages were restructured or if their principles adjusted.  Yet, not one bank has stood up to meet the President, nor you, half way.

Why not? Do you believe the Banks are hurting now? I’ll help you as you ponder, Heck No! In fact, many economists have found that they are actually making more money now than during the years of pillaging. Banks have deceived all of us. Through powerful lobbyist they control YOUR Congress and keep things status quo. They make believe it’s really their money that they are lending out. I wonder have the “Occupiers of Wall Street” figured out that if they as American People took their monies out of the banks they would inflict serious damage to their working capital? Imagine if the same 2.9 million defaulted homeowners were to pull their monies, 401K’s, pension plans, stock options and savings out of nationalized banks and placed them into credit unions? Now, imagine this phenomenon caught momentum and another 100 million Americans followed suit. Where would the power lie?

Remember when the Big 5 came to Congress and said “If you let us fail….we all fail” and they believed it?! In business we are taught that when there is a vacuum, it is quickly filled. Are you the American backbone and the homes you live in “Too big to fail”? I guess not! Come on America Let’s get organized…where are our social and economic activists when you need them?

Perhaps the lobbyist got to them too?


Milano Flascucci~

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Extraordinary Life of Mr. Willie L. Harris

Like so many men his age, his creed and his race he found himself trapped in a maze of destruction.  Yet, there was still something quite different about this man. His tale would be one of retribution! His name….Willie L. Harris and his tale would be told in his self-written memoir titled “Whose Will: Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Life”.

I met Mr. Harris while attending this year’s Decatur Book Festival (Ga.) where he was a featured author speaking before a quiet crowd of onlookers. With so many writers and authors there it was very hard to tune into any one particular voice. Yet, after reading only a few short verses, one could tell this was no ordinary orator.  I instantly knew I had to have Mr. Harris on my talk radio show "the Conversaion" to delve further into his journey. I wanted to find out how he was able to right the ship and find his way back from Chaos to Order. Below is the very same interview we had not too long ago. Click the link and discover one man’s journey which will surely tug at your heart and focus your mind…

Listen to internet radio with Survive 365 on Blog Talk Radio

It’s hard to believe this was the author’s first attempt at writing. Harris has a natural way of bringing you into the story and helping you navigate his life as a boy growing up in rural Georgia. You see how a boy balances loving his father and hating the abuse he doled out to his mother. “Whose Will” is a 232 page turner told by a man who admittedly could barely read or write. Yet, God became his teacher in all things not withstanding... storytelling. This book is clearly about overcoming the odds. It is a monument to those who think life has no meaning and no escape. You will discover hope, courage, power of choice, honesty, perseverance, success and FAITH!

Author Willie L. Harris is alive today after facing drug addiction and graduating from high school without any technical skills. His life growing up was riddled with drugs, violence and other street vices. But you must read from cover to cover to truly understand and learn how a Faith in God can deliver you from the evils of your mind and the World. I highly recommend this book to anyone, of any race, in any condition, living in any country. Thanks Mr. Harris for allowing us a peek into your greatness…

Whose Will: ordinary person, extraordinary life
Author: Willie L. Harris Jr.
Divine Order Publishing
Cover design: Ashil Parag
ISBN-13 978-0-9818572-0-6
Soft Cover  232pgs

the Talk Radio Show "the Conversation" airs each Sunday at 4pm EST and Wed. 7pm EST at:

~Milano Flascucci

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

100th Live Remote Broadcast Celebration Show

The Conversation" with host Klarque Garrison has finally reached the 100th Show and I could not have done it without ALL OF YOU!!!

So, what better way to celebrate then by having YOU come back on the show for a sit down interview to see what's been up since last you were here?!

Me along with my very special co-host Ms. Marcia Dore are going to chat it up with ALL of You in a 2hr live remote show at Kat's Cafe (mid-town) Oct. 22nd! Show starts at 6pm-8pm (but I need ya'll there at 5:45 for sign-in and line-up PLEASE :-)

Listed below are the ALL-Star Guest Line-up!

Brandi Mitchell,                                Jacki Kash,
Quinton Davis,                                 LaShawn McCrary
Jemal Gibson,                                   Shawnta Turner-Richard
Katina Ferguson,                              Chloe Taylor-Brown
Chinaza Duson,                                Dawn Bedingfield
Dana L. Perry,                                 Carol Dunlop
Jayda Cabbell,                                 Genika Reed
Tangie Henry,                                  Stacey Covington-Lee
Destiny Carter,                                 Latrina Johnson
Yolanda Grace,                               Tracy Nicole
Robin D. Groover,                          Maiysha Clairborne
Dane Reid,                                      Catherine Zickgraf
Niemah Nefertiti,                             Toni B.
Melanie Richardson,                        Kevin Brown,
Angel Richards,                               Jay Thurman,
Latoicha Givens

Show produced by Ms. Charmine

But there's more!!! We're going to enjoy a night of Networking with like minded professionals, a stellar Entertainment line-up and the one and only PR Experience... doing what they do best....Jam session til the break of dawn!!!

Singers: with our very own Emcee Mr. Michael "Real Talk" McFadden

***Poet Catherine Zickgraf will perform a poem...

Norris G.
DeAnna Dawn
Andrea Kelly
Tori Alamaze

Giselle Grayson

***The Red carpet and Paparazzi will be out with Celebrity Photographer Mr. Calvin Evans (get you picture taken on the step n repeat!!!), William Herriott & Robert Cheeseboro...

Finally, Nelson Render & Marvin Pryor the duet tandem of the "PR Experience"...


for more info please call Klarque at 404 447-8265

Tickets are only $10.00 for Gen. guests so please invite your folks to come out and enjoy the night with you...!!!!

Register for The Conversation's 100th Show Celebration...LIVE! in Atlanta, GA  on Eventbrite


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

To SAG or Not-to-SAG....That is the Question?!

Ok I got something to say! AND since this is my own platform, I guess I can say it! It has come to my attention that our community “the black community” has lost its damn mind… 

Saggin!? Am I the only one who knows the origin of this ridiculous “trend” fashion expose? While it is unknown whether the base allegations that “saggin” originated & represents ones availability for sex in the prision systems, there is no doubt it did indeed begin in the Prison Systems. In prison a man may not have the use of a belt. So, many inmates were forced to wear clothing that did not fit properly. It was not a fashion style for them…it was yet another way to degrade them while incarcerated. And can you believe this “penguin walkin trend” has been around for 20 years now!? WTF?

I recently got into a bit of a repartee with another young man about whether this is a battle we “old heads” should fight? He believed we should move on to other more serious battles (although when I asked I did not get an answer as to which battles those might be)? In my opinion this is exactly the battle we as “African-Americans” should be having? Anytime a large majority of our community decides that modeling their appearance after “prison inmates” is cool and fashionable…..we have a DEADLY Problem. It is killing our self-respect & self-worth! Surely, there are better things to model a fashion trend after? Hey, I know… Let’s bring back the classic turn of the century “Black FACE” as a fashionable ideological statement! HELL, why not? If we’re going to degrade ourselves BY OURSELVES we might as well go ALLLLLLLL the way in. After all there bigger fish to fry….right?

I love what the President (you remember him…the first African-American President) had to say about the matter on MTVlaws banning the practice of wearing low-slung pants that expose one's underwear were "a waste of time". However, he did follow that up with the statement: "Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What's wrong with that? Come on. Some people might not want to see your underwear. I’m one of them. Well, it may be a waste of time but several states are beginning to enact said laws. States like Florida, Georgia, Michigan, & Louisiana have all put fines in place to help deter the practice. Now I’m no fool (at least not usually). I know the more we talk about it and complain about it, the more those misguided young men are going to continue (Just like Rock n Roll).

So, how does it stop? Sorry, it doesn’t! L  One thing I know very well…if you begin a stupid trend in the black community, IT NEVER GOES AWAY!!! Hell the “N” word began as a negative slur against African-Americans at the turn of the 20th Century. We then adopted it as a “trend” and presto…it’s here to stay. Then we spend YEARS explaining how “it’s not a negative anymore because we’ve taken the connotation out of the word? Really? Now, what you’ve done is what you’re doing right now! You’re allowing others to degrade you to the point that you VOLUNTEER to adopt the degradation into your culture to ensure it never leaves there and in the end YOU WILL PERISH!

Is this a battle we should fight? I leave that up to you to decide. But remember this….no other culture on the face of the EARTH degrades themselves as much as the African-American male and female! Yes, WE who are the ancestors of Kemet and all the knowledge of the World. We are so lost we don’t know we’re lost! Stop fighting their wars and begin fighting OUR WAR! Our enemy is not other cultures, races or even drugs. Our enemy is IGNORANCE! AND HE IS WINNING…

P.S…..Saggin backwards, spells NIGGAS…..just sayin?

P.S.S.  You want to stop “Saggin”??? WOMEN, the power is all yours! Yep, I said it. Men, may wear fashion trends because they think it’s cool or has “swag”. However, if a women (especially one your with) tells you it’s hideous and you won’t be around me, with me and certainly not IN ME dressed like that…. MEN WOULD STOP THIS SHIT TODAY…. Just sayin?

Milano flascucci~

Monday, September 5, 2011

Who knew??? Adidias vs. Puma (friend or foe)?

First off, I’m 44 years old and a self acclaimed well read writer. However, my 16 y/o daughter brought to my attention a "should be known" fact. 

Let me begin by saying I grew up the age of Run DMC and the American shoe (at least I thought) Adidias! Now, I'm a huge Puma fan (my comfort, stylish shoe of choice at least nowadays). What I did not know was that the two founders of both companies were brothers.

Adolph and Rudolf Dassler are the creators of  Adidas (named for Founder AdiDassler) & Puma (by his brother Rudolf). The shoe companies began their roots dating back to pre-WWII. In fact, I was totally shocked to discover that they were the first to offer a “sponsorship” to a black athlete.

In 1936 during the Summer Olympics (held in Berlin, Germany), the brothers urged legendary Jesse Owens to wear their shoe. Now, I’m not sure if it was the shoes but Mr. Owens went on to win 4 Gold Medals that year.

This is where the story gets a bit tricky. Both brothers were members of the Nazi Party during the war. Although many have written that it was Rudolf that was the more vigilant towards its beliefs, I certainly don’t see the connection with supporting a black athlete from the US who’s competing in Germany against German Athletes. Then, in just a few short years join a party that hates everything not pure Anglo-Saxon (which by the way is even more bizarre since Hitler was not…pure blood Anglo).

 Fast forward 50 years, a black rap group put Adidias on the mainstream map and the other company Puma cut its teeth as a very reputable “football” (we call it soccer) shoe which is played by many ethnically based countries like Kenya, Uruguay, France, Brazil, Japan to name a few. Both companies have been highly supported in our African-American communities! 

So which is it?

Are both companies spin-offs from an old Nazi regime and now are being funded by billions of African-American dollars annually or are we merely giving thanks to founders who believed in and supported the “Negro” man long before it was fashionable by Nike & Converse?

At any rate let me know what you think and big thanks to my teenager Shaunsey King for bringing this quandary to mind!!

Milano Flascucci~

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Join...."The Relationship Party" w/ Charmaine

She is on the cusp of something quite huge by contrast. Ms. Charmaine author of the Best Selling Novel “The Bait To Get Your Mate” is headed towards being the sage of the “Relationship World”…Nationwide! I first ran across Charmaine (her name de plume) on her hit Talk Radio Show titled “Relationship Party” which airs each Thursday night at 6 pm EST. A good friend of mine suggested the show because of the fair content to which the show was founded on. There was a great cohesiveness between her and the Co-host of the show Mr.  Rodney Graham….who I found out later is her husband.

The Hottest Relationship Show

I had the pleasure of reading her book recently and to my surprise the book is as relatable for men as it is for women. Yes, I’m giving the book an endorsement for men to read! That's right... A guy advising other men to read a book on “relations”…but it’s true you’ll enjoy it! Charmaine takes the approach of urging the reader to define who they really are by admitting to ones weaknesses as well as strengths.  Then, understanding what makes you happy? Not what makes most people happy or what made you happy 10 years ago but what would make you happy if God allowed it to walk right through your door.

ISBN 13 978-1456331818
Prestigious Publishing
soft cover/186 pages

I hear women and men complaining about not finding their Mr.or Mrs. Right?! First, let me say if that’s what you’re waiting on…you’re in for a nasty disappointing little surprise. Secondly, you’re probably not “fishing in the right pond” (a little colloquium I got from the book). Next, the book prescribes how to choose the right “the bait to get your mate”! The do’s and don’ts of the process which most of us either forget to consider or just plain omit. Lastly the book covers how to keep the fish on the hook, determine is this really the fish you want to eat and the most important part of this tedious process….How to get the fish to commit?

Listen for the very special ONLY on this infomercial deal...

This book is a guide book with plenty of “To Do” lists aimed at allowing you to see the blueprint throughout the entire tricky little process. And if you know Charmaine, you can hear her voice and persona speak to you in each chapter. I love when someone writes a book because they care versus they just want to write a book!  As you may have guessed by now, I highly recommend this book for single women/men that are sick n tired of being sick n tired….AND Lonely LOL! Stop making the same mistakes…

Milano Flascucci~

Charmaine also known as the "Relationship Lady" brings talk radio to another level. Her positive attitude and controversial way of encouraging her listeners to open up and be honest with themselves is one reason for her popularity. She is the hostess of "the Relationship Party with Charmaine and Friends" and the facilitator of the Relationship Party which is sweeping the country. The Relationship Party is a venue where men and women can talk honestly and candidly about relationships in a fun and social environment. From dating, marriage, sex and everything  in between....everyone has a great time and leaves having learned more about themselves and the opposite sex. 

Watch out for Charmaine in a city near you!!!!

For speaking engagements call Breanne at (404) 246-3841

Friday, August 12, 2011

Can I "Sage" you??!

How many of you have ever “Saged” your home? Of course I just made up the “saged” part, it’s really performing a ritualistic home cleansing…
Well, today was my 1st and boy was it fun and refreshing! Now keep in mind, prior to my better half suggesting we needed to do it I had never heard of the process. I take that back…I did see it recently on an episode of “True Blood” but of course you can’t believe anything on that show (after all vampires are a part of society, huh?).  

As it turns out smudging (as the ritual is commonly called) goes back thousands of years and is a part of the North American Indian ancestry.  For the most part one uses a sage stick (lit only enough to begin producing smoke). White Sage is said to have the super-natural power of cleansing and driving out negative energies from people and places (I know a few people that need a SMUDGE BATH LOL). Once you have your smoke going really well, start at the front door offering a prayer and “smudging” or allowing the smoke to rise above windows, corners and behind doors while walking counter clockwise throughout your home. This is a waayy cool process that also leaves an amazing scent behind which I believe cleanses your mind & body as well.

Just so you know, I've taken it on my own and added two more steps in this fantastic cleansing ritual which I figured at the very least would not hurtJ! Go ahead after you’ve completed the “smudging” process and light a few incent sticks of Yatra agarbattis in your main living areas and your abode. Agarbattis (Yatra) is the link to a peaceful mind and energize your body. Last but certainly not least and not necessarily last…make love to your spouse, mate or loved one as an ultimate connection of heart, mind & body. Explore happiness and ecstasy on another astral plain of completeness & positive 3rd eye vision.

When you wake up let me know how you feel? J


Milano Flascucci~

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Monday, July 25, 2011

What in the Hell is a "Debt Ceiling" anyways...?

Ok what in the HELL is a “Debt Ceiling” anyways? If you’re like me (and most of you are) you had to look that new hot button political phrase up! Now, there’s a lot out there and depending on who you listen to…you could become even more confused. So, don’t worry just read what I’ve researched for you below (and tell your friends too).

Debt Ceiling(limit) for dummies (like me!?)

Many of you less informed may be asking “why are they raising the debt limit anyways”? Well first, they’ve raised that limit 70 times over the last 50 years! So, why haven’t you heard of this political process before? (Because politics have changed over the past 10 years or so) Those 435 members up there in D.C. used to resolve their disagreements among themselves. Now, it has become more common place to whine and complain they are not getting their way to YOU (the less informed). Now, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we vote to send them the D.C. because they were far smarter than “us” in regards to these very complicated measures? OOoppss I’m on a tangent again…(where was I?)

Oh yeah, the Debt Ceiling or limit was created as a simple watch dog for the President on borrowing and spending “carte blanche” during WWI.  Denmark is the only other country that has one (yep... we finally have something in common with Denmark!). Now, each of us has or had a credit card at some point in our life. We also received a limit on that card based on what other folks thought we’d be able to pay back. The difference with the National Debt limit (ceiling) is they are giving a limit to themselves!? HUH, yep it’s like you getting a credit card and placing a limit yourself on “said credit card”. Then you argue with yourself about being fiscally responsible. Then... you get bored with yourself and you call your neighbors over and complain to them!

You’ve heard that if we go into default, we will soil our credit name with the world. The fact is we owe very little of our debt to others (our biggest debtor is China and that accounts for about 8% of the monies owed out). Most of the money owed is to ourselves (Military checks, SSN payments, Interests payments on US Bonds, etc…). At the start of a fiscal year Congress approves a budget and that budget included bills to be paid and money to be spent. If the debt limit doesn’t cover that budget EVERY SINGLE TIME THE LIMIT GETS RAISED….except this time???  In other words, the US ordered all this stuff and now the bill comes and they’re saying we don’t have the money because we’re being fiscally responsible (call me crazy, but isn’t that supposed to happen before you order the meal?)

Here’s the Kicker…the limit is supposed to handcuff the President. But, if it isn’t approved the President will have the executive power to decide what bills get paid and which won’t. In other words, he can and will get blamed for ALL spending and the entire Republican Party can say “we had nothing to do with all that crazy spending that the “immigrant half white/half black guy did”.

Well now that wasn’t too difficult was it? 
"This message is sponsored by the incredibly stupid and I approve this message!"

Milano Flascucci~ 

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Vamos a Celebrar...Nidia Oritz!!

Nidia Ortiz is a Dominican born songstress who is now based out of Germany and is setting the world on fire with her melodic soulful songs and collaborations. Back in Santo Domingo, D.R. Nida found her love for music from her father (who played classical guitar) and the Church. She remembers Puerto Rican missionaries coming over to spread Christianity and how they communicated much of that through gospel music. She’s said she grew up loving many forms of music from gospel, classical, soul and jazz!

Seven years ago, while working biding time, she met the love of her life (Harald Mantai) who would soon wisk her away to Germany where both her social life and career would thrive! Her husband Harald has certainly been a support and influence for her growth in Europe and the World. I recently had an opportunity to interview Nidia on my talk radio show “The Conversation”; and, I can now describe her as a wonderful talent with passion for her craft, life and “love".

***Interview with Nidia Oritz on the Hottest Talk Show out...."the Conversation"
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Latin Jazz, soul fusion, Latin Lounge, blues, and Nu Jazz are just a few categories listeners and industry leaders have tried to compartmentalize her music. She simply says she sings from her heart with footprints of the many genres of sounds she grew up with back home. Nidia says “Music is a form of communication between herself and GOD”.

“Cosa Bella” is a collaborative CD with wonderful musicians and her friends from “Rumba Del Sol” (Andreas Wagner & Jurgen Dahmen) featuring tracks “Quiereme Maria” and “Cosa Bella”. She also performed with other musicians Rodrigo Sanchez, Velvet Lounge Project and Egotrip to name a few (my favorite is “El Verano”). You can find Nida Ortiz at MySpace, Facebook youtube and her website at 

Let’s support this Diva and help her become a household name. In an age of declining serious musicians and singers it’s always wonderful to find an International shooting star….


Milano Flascucci~

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buy "AKAI" T.V.'s at your own Peril!!!

Normally, I would never use this platform as a means to blast anyone or any company simply because it’s too time consuming! But, enough is enough!!!

“AKAI” is a JOKE!!!! Akai electric co. ltd is an electronics company allegedly based out of Singapore. I say allegedly because I’ve not been able to nor do I know anyone who has confirmed this fact! Hell, it would not surprise me if they were based out of Boise, Idaho (no offense Idaho, but hey no one living there views my blog anyways J ) What I’m most upset with is that I recently bought a Akai 32inch T.V. with DVD and after less than 2 years the darn thing will not come on!  Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one  who’s bought an electronic device and had it go 
"kerplunk"; however, when I surfed the web to find out what could be the issue I found hundreds of other consumers with the same damn complaint.

***ok footnote, the company was originally created by Akai Denki Kabushiki in 1929. It's now a subsidiary of Grande Holdings. Just wanted you to that I've done my homework :-)

(this link is just a few hundred of them or so…trust me there many more)

Every one of them with the same issue….somewhere around the 2nd year their T.V. mysteriously won’t come on. Wow, I got played. I sure wish I’d done my due diligence before I bought this T.V.? This is my admonishment to Akai and to Costco & Sams club the way will not do a thing for you or any one of the thousands of unhappy American consumers who’ve bought this defective company’s product. Can you imagine what an Asian country would do if an American company sold trash products to their citizens and would not even try to correct or acknowledge the issues?

That’s right folks “Akai” reps give you the run-a-round, they will not answer emails sent, and the (800) number on the back of the T.V. not a in service (go figure)!!! Too boot, if you take the T.V. to a repair shop, they won't work on it. One repairman states, "I can fix it but the problem is going to happen again"; ... REALLY!? 

It is my goal to see < that > this company along with Costco & SAMS Club (who also do absolutely nothing, yet they have no problem selling this crapola) held accountable and to re-enforce my belief that Asia does not actually OWN America?

Perhaps I am a bit delusional~


Milano Flascucci~