Sunday, August 28, 2011

Join...."The Relationship Party" w/ Charmaine

She is on the cusp of something quite huge by contrast. Ms. Charmaine author of the Best Selling Novel “The Bait To Get Your Mate” is headed towards being the sage of the “Relationship World”…Nationwide! I first ran across Charmaine (her name de plume) on her hit Talk Radio Show titled “Relationship Party” which airs each Thursday night at 6 pm EST. A good friend of mine suggested the show because of the fair content to which the show was founded on. There was a great cohesiveness between her and the Co-host of the show Mr.  Rodney Graham….who I found out later is her husband.

The Hottest Relationship Show

I had the pleasure of reading her book recently and to my surprise the book is as relatable for men as it is for women. Yes, I’m giving the book an endorsement for men to read! That's right... A guy advising other men to read a book on “relations”…but it’s true you’ll enjoy it! Charmaine takes the approach of urging the reader to define who they really are by admitting to ones weaknesses as well as strengths.  Then, understanding what makes you happy? Not what makes most people happy or what made you happy 10 years ago but what would make you happy if God allowed it to walk right through your door.

ISBN 13 978-1456331818
Prestigious Publishing
soft cover/186 pages

I hear women and men complaining about not finding their Mr.or Mrs. Right?! First, let me say if that’s what you’re waiting on…you’re in for a nasty disappointing little surprise. Secondly, you’re probably not “fishing in the right pond” (a little colloquium I got from the book). Next, the book prescribes how to choose the right “the bait to get your mate”! The do’s and don’ts of the process which most of us either forget to consider or just plain omit. Lastly the book covers how to keep the fish on the hook, determine is this really the fish you want to eat and the most important part of this tedious process….How to get the fish to commit?

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This book is a guide book with plenty of “To Do” lists aimed at allowing you to see the blueprint throughout the entire tricky little process. And if you know Charmaine, you can hear her voice and persona speak to you in each chapter. I love when someone writes a book because they care versus they just want to write a book!  As you may have guessed by now, I highly recommend this book for single women/men that are sick n tired of being sick n tired….AND Lonely LOL! Stop making the same mistakes…

Milano Flascucci~

Charmaine also known as the "Relationship Lady" brings talk radio to another level. Her positive attitude and controversial way of encouraging her listeners to open up and be honest with themselves is one reason for her popularity. She is the hostess of "the Relationship Party with Charmaine and Friends" and the facilitator of the Relationship Party which is sweeping the country. The Relationship Party is a venue where men and women can talk honestly and candidly about relationships in a fun and social environment. From dating, marriage, sex and everything  in between....everyone has a great time and leaves having learned more about themselves and the opposite sex. 

Watch out for Charmaine in a city near you!!!!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Can I "Sage" you??!

How many of you have ever “Saged” your home? Of course I just made up the “saged” part, it’s really performing a ritualistic home cleansing…
Well, today was my 1st and boy was it fun and refreshing! Now keep in mind, prior to my better half suggesting we needed to do it I had never heard of the process. I take that back…I did see it recently on an episode of “True Blood” but of course you can’t believe anything on that show (after all vampires are a part of society, huh?).  

As it turns out smudging (as the ritual is commonly called) goes back thousands of years and is a part of the North American Indian ancestry.  For the most part one uses a sage stick (lit only enough to begin producing smoke). White Sage is said to have the super-natural power of cleansing and driving out negative energies from people and places (I know a few people that need a SMUDGE BATH LOL). Once you have your smoke going really well, start at the front door offering a prayer and “smudging” or allowing the smoke to rise above windows, corners and behind doors while walking counter clockwise throughout your home. This is a waayy cool process that also leaves an amazing scent behind which I believe cleanses your mind & body as well.

Just so you know, I've taken it on my own and added two more steps in this fantastic cleansing ritual which I figured at the very least would not hurtJ! Go ahead after you’ve completed the “smudging” process and light a few incent sticks of Yatra agarbattis in your main living areas and your abode. Agarbattis (Yatra) is the link to a peaceful mind and energize your body. Last but certainly not least and not necessarily last…make love to your spouse, mate or loved one as an ultimate connection of heart, mind & body. Explore happiness and ecstasy on another astral plain of completeness & positive 3rd eye vision.

When you wake up let me know how you feel? J


Milano Flascucci~

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