Thursday, December 27, 2012

TOP 10 Books in 2012....

The end of the year is near and as always around this time we at Survival Radio Network reflect on the many positive and brilliant guests we had the pleasure of interviewing this year. As is our custom we like to share with you our top 10 authors and their books. It was certainly a hard process to narrow down to these 10. We believe you’ll agree with us once you've had a chance to purchase a few of these books for yourself. Listed below in no certain order are our 2012 TOP 10 BOOKS! ENJOY J

Sea Change (Karen White)- Sea Change is a wonderful suspense drama set in the antebellum South of Georgia. This novel does a wonderful job connecting past to present with a feeling of nostalgia for a time that every Southerner knows. Ms. White is a veteran writer and a New York Times Bestselling author with more than 10 titles to her credit. You can hear our interview with Karen here: AND visit Karen White at:

Rough Patch, Twisted Fate (Ton’e Brown)- this book is a compelling story of two people living different lives but yet having the same experience, HOMELESSNESS and their estrange encounters when they move into a extended stay hotel. Ms. Brown is now in the process of making this great story into a movie for release in 2013! Be sure to listen in to our sit down with the author here: For more information about the making of the movie visit:

In the Nick of Nine (Alretha Thomas)- We were so excited to get Ms. Thomas on our show to talk about her novel “In the Nick of Nine” her third book. A story based loosely on the author’s real life. The lead character Cassandra Whitmore meets a dashing young man in town on business, falls in love and decides to relocate with him after sensing all was not revealed. Ms. Thomas is also an award winning playwright having begun her writing career at the tender age of 10yrs old. Enjoy our discussion with Alretha by clicking this link: and go to: to get your copy today!

Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life (Dawn James)- Wow; this is truly one of my favorite books! It focuses on learning the Laws of Vibration and how to apply them to reduce stress, increase energy and cultivate inner peace. Dawn James is the author and Vibrational Healer from Ontario, Canada. Click this link to hear a little bit about how she’s helping so many Worldwide: and visit her website at: for more information about how you can transform you life.

Journeys on the Edge (Walt Hampton)- the author Walt Hampton is a writer, speaker, coach and adventure photographer. He is a high altitude mountaineer and a blue water sailor. The book Journeys on the Edge deals with living deeply, Living fully and Loving  well... Finding adventure and joy.  Rediscover the fun in your life and Revel in audacious possibility. I invite you to click the link to hear our chat with Mr. Hampton: To purchase your copy of the book go to:

Blackberry Days of Summer (Ruth P. Watson)- Blackberry Days of Summer begins as “the Great War” ends. This book has everything from family secrets, suspense, drama and love. Check out this sophomore project on Zane Presents publishing. Ms. Watson is a Virginia native now living in Atlanta, Ga. She is a freelance writer having written for Upscale magazine, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and other publications. Listen to our interview here: and drop by her site to pick up your copy today:

A Boy, His Bibi and a Bari (Shah Alam)- Our 1st author from across the pond graced our show to talk about his amazing memoir of a boys journey to manhood. Mr. Alam in this his Debut book writes a brilliant depiction of his dad’s decision to send him home to Blangladeshi to live with his grandmother. This visit lasted for 1 year and was a rite of passage. A story for the ages! Click the link to listen to our interview with Shah: For your copy of this UK book go to:

If These Shoes Could Talk (Tia McCollors)- Tia McCollors is a seasoned author with several books to her credit including “If These Shoes Could Talk” a 30-day devotional for a woman’s daily walk. Tia McCollors uses inspiration infused with humor and wisdom to deliver a message that will move women forward in their lives of faith. Tia is a native of North Carolina who now lives in Atlanta, Ga. We were so fortunate to be able to sit down with Mrs. McCollors. Click the link for our chat: You can purchase any of her amazing novels here:

The Ghost of Whispering Willow (Amanda M. Thrasher)- Amanda Thrasher Author of the Mischief Patchseries: Mischief in the Mushroom Patch and A Fairy Match in the Mushroom PatchThe Ghost of Whispering Willow is her latest release, a ghost mystery complete with kidnapping and a ghost feud. Ms. Thrasher is one of the Country’s finest children author and is currently working on a Graphic Novel! Tune in to our interview here: For more information on other novels and works visit:

F.E.E.L: Turn your negative feeling into your greatest allies (Michelle Bersell)- This book was one of only 4 books to be included as a gift at the 2012 Emmy Awards.  F.E.E.L. has been a life-changing process for myself and others because it opens you up to realize how extremely loved and cared for you are day by day, moment by moment, and emotion by emotion. Michelle walked away from a thriving psychotherapist and life coaching career after having an emotional breakdown believing herself to be a “Fraud”. Check out our interview: and visit her website to pick up your copy:

I hope you enjoy our recommendations and choose to purchase a few books that may have caught your attention. Be sure to continue to tune into the Survival Radio Network for you weekly motivation, inspiration, education and entertainment! Be sure to connect with us on social mediums:

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