Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rise of the Man of Color...

The rise of the “Man of Color" is upon us! What? ... you don’t believe me? King of Kings, Rulers of vast realms of Riches and Minerals. This   ascension has been a long time coming. Why? Because of you !!  You have taken so long to believe in the power that lies within you; and everyone sees it but you! While others continue to feed you poison and tear down your family by causing dissention between you and your Queen; she feels comfortable sharing with the world that you're nothing more than a DOG or a no good baby daddy. The system (jail) has offered you 3 meals and a cot for the exchange of your kingdom!

...but I know, “A change Gone come”

You’ve been stripped of your rank among the corporate dinner table. They’ve devised a way to emasculate your credit so you have no backup plan! Is it so easy to pronounce your soul mates to be bitches and hoes? You called them those pretty descriptive words so long they now answer to them!? What was once a symbol of being a right of possession in an all male world of imprisonment (wearing your pants low to show your underwear) is now what is prescribed to be SWAG….huh? Your leaders speaking on behalf of your plight have been comedians, rappers and gangsters.

But whoa to thee the rise of the Man of Color has come. All eyes point towards the Motherland, your Motherland, our Motherland….AFRICA! The world has told us that we come from jungle bunnies and flesh eaters. They say go home to your dry desert and roaming lions-tigers-bears. But, we were scared to go see for ourselves! We were hood-winked, bamboozled & run amuck, or at least some of you were. Some were not fooled. Some stood guard….flag in hand waiting for more souljahs to join them [to be awakened from the MATRIX].

Our time is now and Mother AFRICA needs all within the diaspora. Come home and protect her for she is being colonized for the last time. It is time for the “Black Man” to rule once again and all knows it but YOU! Why do you think they are so afraid of you. No one is afraid of the powerless. So, you MUST be the powerful!!!! Stop asking for leaders and role models because they are YOU. Let’s take back our families by being its KING. Let’s win back our Queens who sit on the throne to our right to provide balance in our rule. Come on my fellow Man of Color, what say you? Our time is here….now rise Black Man, rise!

Milano Flascucci~

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  1. Thanks for writing a great article. You have intensified my inspiration to do the right thing in South Africa. About a month ago, I took on the responsibility to ensure we practise Love Leadership and Service Leadership in the under-served communities, to restore the lost Dignity and Financial Literacy which I hope will lead to economic freedom in our life time. Thank you.