Monday, July 18, 2011

Vamos a Celebrar...Nidia Oritz!!

Nidia Ortiz is a Dominican born songstress who is now based out of Germany and is setting the world on fire with her melodic soulful songs and collaborations. Back in Santo Domingo, D.R. Nida found her love for music from her father (who played classical guitar) and the Church. She remembers Puerto Rican missionaries coming over to spread Christianity and how they communicated much of that through gospel music. She’s said she grew up loving many forms of music from gospel, classical, soul and jazz!

Seven years ago, while working biding time, she met the love of her life (Harald Mantai) who would soon wisk her away to Germany where both her social life and career would thrive! Her husband Harald has certainly been a support and influence for her growth in Europe and the World. I recently had an opportunity to interview Nidia on my talk radio show “The Conversation”; and, I can now describe her as a wonderful talent with passion for her craft, life and “love".

***Interview with Nidia Oritz on the Hottest Talk Show out...."the Conversation"
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Latin Jazz, soul fusion, Latin Lounge, blues, and Nu Jazz are just a few categories listeners and industry leaders have tried to compartmentalize her music. She simply says she sings from her heart with footprints of the many genres of sounds she grew up with back home. Nidia says “Music is a form of communication between herself and GOD”.

“Cosa Bella” is a collaborative CD with wonderful musicians and her friends from “Rumba Del Sol” (Andreas Wagner & Jurgen Dahmen) featuring tracks “Quiereme Maria” and “Cosa Bella”. She also performed with other musicians Rodrigo Sanchez, Velvet Lounge Project and Egotrip to name a few (my favorite is “El Verano”). You can find Nida Ortiz at MySpace, Facebook youtube and her website at 

Let’s support this Diva and help her become a household name. In an age of declining serious musicians and singers it’s always wonderful to find an International shooting star….


Milano Flascucci~