Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Survive365’s State of the Union rebuttal…

There is much discourse in the political air about the same issues that were discussed in the 1800's. Conservatives seem to have the ear of our citizens by shouting “LOOK, LOOK what those barbaric Big Government Liberals have done!” “We must save America from this God awful deficit”. Strangely enough, they’ve said this message so much many folks have forgotten that it was on their 8 year watch that this road to Asian debt was conceived. Ah, but that is the way of the people. We are a fickle bunch! What ever they say we believe…. We are like sheep being tended to by the Millionaires in D.C.

Does anyone remember what a “trust” used to be defined as? It was when a single person or corporation owned and controlled an industry. Perhaps you remember names like: J.P. Morgan, Dale Carnegie, John D. Rockerfeller or James B. Duke? No? What about Microsoft, B.P. Oil, or Comcast? In the early 1900’s our beloved “Teddy Roosevelt” declared War against these so called trusts! I’ve read that the Pres. Found an ally with the people who had been weary of Big Government solutions, but was now more receptive. Why do you think the “people” began siding with the Pres. After just electing a Republican Congress and Pres.?

Here’s my take…although they had been told that Government was evil they began to see that the real evil comes from Corporations who by design have too much power over the “people”. Does anyone remember “Goldman Sachs”? I didn’t think so! We are too busy blaming a President and his administration for the decline of our future. Wake up America! There’s no way the true powers that be would ever allow “the 1st minority President” enough power to collapse the country... But, they would allow him to take the fall.

Here’s what we should be focused on:

  1. Why have we allowed “trusts” to be reformed and control our lives? Wasn’t that determined to be unconstitutional???
  2. Who really controls this country? If you think it’s the President, you need to be shipped to Moscow…TODAY!
  3. How in the Hell can 1% of the people control 99% and the 99% be "ok" with it!?
  4. Why after saying PUBLICLY that there’s no reason to give them additional tax breaks, do we still fight to do just that! (I’m speaking about the top 10% income earners. If you don’t believe me “youtube” Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or your local millionaire!) By the way they have ways of not paying taxes at all if they choose to…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!
  5. Are you going to choose the “red” pill or the “blue” pill? (let me guess?)


Teddy is not coming back to save us! He’s dead! Our politics in D.C. have become a very high classed Dog and pony show. They are keeping us distracted with Washington Politics and taking the focus away from the aspects that really do affect our lives (Local Government). How many of us know our state congressmen, county commissioners or school board? These folks have much more power over our day to day then Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi!

Come on let’s start Surviving365!!!

Milano Flascucci~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Silver Rights Movement: Lest not we Forget

It was one of Dr. Martin L. King’s last dreams to have his people and the country move from Civil Rights to “Silver Rights”. This seems like the most opportune time to remind us where the 60’s were supposed to take us. Civil rights guaranteed every man/woman would be judge by the content of their character not by the color of ones skin. There has been much headway made in that regards. We now have a President of the United States as proof.

However, not much has been done in regards to Silver Rights….the advancement of our thoughts, economic rise and power within the minority communities (especially African-American)! No longer will we be just the fish that get to swim in the sea, we will strive to own the sea we swim in.

The quickest way for our communities to be granted a seat at the table is to own & control 100% of an industry (ANY INDUSTRY)! There is much we have left behind and there are many of opportunities we have let slip through our grasping hands. Take for instance, African-American hair care and weave industry. Here’s an industry we are 100% consumers yet we own less than 1% of the industry. How can this be? What other race would dare let another control a product industry that hinges on their dollar to survive. Yet, here we are satisfied with just being consumers…thinking there’s nothing we can do? What has happened to us since the vaunted 1960’s? Do we not remember that during the Jim Crow era Durham, Wilmington, Tulsa & Atlanta were thriving communities? Durham was titled “Black Wall Street”! Why were these colored men/women able to create so much even with the tight hand of America clasping at their liberty.

That’s brings us to 2011, Jan. 17 the nationally celebrated birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He would have been 82 years old on January 15th. I wonder if Dr. King would have recognized this Black America. I wonder if he would have appreciated the culture, our rap music, “Pants on the Ground” or our lack of community caring. I know Dr. King would be saddened by our lack of movement towards the “Silver Rights” project? What say ye?

There is still hope. Industry leaders like Oprah, Bob Johnson, Tiger woods, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Don Peebles Quintin Primo III are writing blue prints for us to follow. But, what will it take to follow those footsteps? Courage, insight, faith, intellect, education, love, gratitude are the tools we must begin to master. All of us not just some!

We have to stop focusing on cars, a stunning wardrobe, rims, the lottery & pawning our ancestral heritage.

I proudly stand up and salute each and every one of my brothers and sisters who are making “a change”, who “dare to hope” & who march towards our “Silver Rights”….

Milano Flascucci

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party Responsively with “BeSwirl, inc”

The fact is….our teens and young adults are going to party. Hell, didn’t we? However, if you’re going to be in the club scene where men pick up women like it’s McDonalds I encourage all you young ladies to exercise EXTREME responsibility (after all I’m raising 3 young ladies myself)! Teenage pregnancy is up as well as the number of (25 and under) recorded cases of STD contractions. What about the unrecorded?

Mika Terry has her finger on the pulse of mainstream America when it comes to being responsible. She is one of the creators of BeSwirl, inc. which is a life style movement to live a better healthier life! BeSwirl stands for be a Better Educated Sexy World, Intent on Relative Living… One of its primary goals is to see One million “clubers” tested for the HIV/Aids virus as an act of living responsible. BeSwirl delivers its message creatively by recruiting “Swirl Girlz”. What is a Swirl Girl…you might ask? (I’m glad you asked) Swirl Girlz are attractive, vivacious women who love to have fun but love to enlighten others on the perils of un- safe sex even more. In other words, the Swirl it up!

You can catch the Swirl Girlz of BeSwirl this year in selected local clubs in the Metro-Atlanta area. Creatively, BeSwirl offers unique ways to get into clubs free by (sign-up for testing, pledges, Petitions and other clever commitments).

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in the Swirl Movement, you can reach out to Mika Terry on Facebook or call (877) - B4Swirl. BeSwirl, inc is based out of Atlanta but functions as a vehicle to promote safe sex Nationally. Let’s be responsible …..ok?

Milano flascucci~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Gatwick" Airport...under New Management!!

Normally, this would have been front page news for several months but ….I caught a glimpse of it on the CNN ticker? The UK’s second largest airport “Gatwick Airport” was purchased by Nigerian businessman Adebayo Ogunlesi! That’s probably why you haven’t heard of this powerful transaction….a Nigerian? Owning the second busiest airport in the entire UK? Who is Adebayo Ogunlesi? Well to be honest with you, prior to now I had no idea. As I researched, I discovered this acquisition was no accident…it was his destiny!

Bayo (as he’s called by his close friends) was educated 1st at the prestigious Kings College in Nigeria, then at Oxford and finally he attended Harvard Law & Business where he graduated with honors from each. Mr. Ogunlesi was the 1st of two Editors of African descent (the other was W. Randy Eaddy a Sr. Partner at Kilpatrick & Stockton, LLP) to serve on the Harvard Law Review. In many ways he was a trailblazer for our 44th President Barack Obama! In his early days he served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (by the way he was the 1st non American to clerk for the high Court).

So, at age 56 Mr. Adebayo Ogunlesi positioned his company “Global Infrastructure Partners of NYC” (GIP) to purchase Gatwick Airport for 1.455 Billion British Pound Sterling (that approximately $2.25 Billion). I just love stories like this that get buried in most prime time media outlets or they become mere footnotes! Can you imagine the CNN, MSNBC and Fox chatter if say….Warren Buffett were to purchase this airport? (well maybe not Fox?!). At any rate, that’s why I’m here. Oh and to prove my point (mostly to myself), I called 10 friends randomly just to see if they knew of this business transaction….only 2 had heard of it and one of them was from Nigeria! LOL

This certainly beats buying rims on cars, owning clubs, having 5 cars parked in front of our apartment, or spending $1000 a month of weave (sad face). Hats off to Mr. Ogunlesi....job well done and I want to be like you when I grow up! Thanks for giving us an example "we" can see ourselves aspiring to. Thanks for raising the bar!

Milano Flascucci~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Important is Your Brand~ Introducing Sheldon Sneed

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design intended to identify the goods and services you provide to the market place. Your "Brand" in many cases determines the level of success you will have with your company or product. Who creates your brand becomes the "father" of your BRAND. If you believe these 2 sentences then you must find a creator for your brand who can create what will drive your business. A great graphic artist can draw what you envisioned by listening to the little clues you impart. Sheldon Sneed of Sheldon Sneed Designs personifies living art (by using his creative mind). He is an innovator who consistently builds logos, and ads designed to move your business into the 21st Century.

Recently, I sat down with Mr. Sneed to find out what makes him unique in this crowded world of designers. Read a portion of what we talked about during our interview below...

1. we've been friends for a little over a quarter of a Century Sheldon, however this may be the 1st time our readers have heard of you. Can you tell them who you are?

A: I was born an artist. Ask my mom. She taught me to draw when I was a kid and I ended up taking that skill + a high-imaginative right-brain and making it a career.

2. There are so many good Graphic Artist out there, what makes you and your work unique?

A: It's original. There's a lot of GAs out there like you mention and "we" copy a lot of styles from each other. The thing that sets me apart is adding my own little "twist" design. Sometimes it just using the right colors to capture a "feeling" of design and sometimes it's just flat-out composition. Sometimes, I even hide designs WITHIN designs. LOL!

3. In business how important is it to have the best Graphic works to stay ahead of the herd?

A: My tagline is a very old saying, "Image is everything" I use it because it still rings true.
Every business should operate in the sense that you're going to be seen by thousands or millions of eyeballs every day. AND the first thing they see is your IMAGE. If your image is "low-end," they will view you as low-end. On the other hand, if it's "tight" and impressive, you can have TWO people on your staff but they will think your office is in a downtown high-rise. THAT'S how important your image (marketing materials) is.

4. What area should business owners focus on first if they are limited in the amount of money they can spend?

A: You HAVE to start with your Branding/Logo. That's very key. For instance, how many times have you passed a restaurant or business and didn't like logo on the sign out front? Did you stop?
Your BRAND is the first thing people see. Again, if it's poor quality or "hook-boogie," people will assume you are, too.

5. What should a Good logo Say to the open market?

A: People should "get" what your business is about in two seconds. They shouldn't have to guess. Whether you're using just typography or a symbol of sorts, people need to get it from the jump. That way, they can make an informed decision on using your business...or not.

6. You work for a Newspaper that's owned by a large company. Where do you see the state of the American News Paper?

A: Newspaper are taking a HUGE hit, right now. Mainly because the economy is down and back on a very slow rise. The other factor is the internet. "Papers" have not figured out, jointly, how to make the type money off their web sites like they USED to in print. That window has actually closed. However, for those who think that newspapers will die all together, guess again.
The internet has gathered a huge amount of bloggers and writers but their SOURCES come from...newspapers — with REAL journalists who know how to gather and confirm sources legitimately and ethically.

7. What's up new for Sheldon Sneed in 2011?

A: Expanding the business. In this economy you have to have more than "PLAN A." I've got "A-F." LOL! Participating in forums, like this, also helps. Thanks Klarque!

8. If my viewers would like to sit down with you for advice, counseling, or work where can they reach you?

A: They can shoot me an email at: or search for me on Facebook by Sheldon Sneed or Sheldon Sneed Designs and they can visit my website

Let's get serious in 2011 about your business. There has never been a more opportune time to create and grow a successful business by developing a superior marketing plan. The aegis of that plan is Sheldon Sneed Designs....if you don't believe me, ask your competitors!

Milano Flacucci~