Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's a President to do?

Not since President James K. Polk has a President set a series of agendas and went about achieving them with such reckless abandon. Most Presidents do not like to accomplish too much in their 1st term because it leaves them very susceptible to their opponents opinions. The other party then has a tremendous amount of material to campaign against. In the case of Pres. Polk, he did not care since he promised to be a one term President and he kept his promise! Pres. Obama did not get this memo?! I realize that many of you reading this article don’t like the President (some because of his color, some because of his politics and some because the Republicans leaders said not too)!!! Yet, very few of you can say he has been lazy and refuse to tackle the tough issues.

I’m not evaluating the President on whether I love every move he’s made nor am I using this platform to win over his enemies, Is it not a shame that the POTUS has enemies in his own country (especially in an elected democratic society)? What I am going to point out is the urgency to which Pres. Obama seems to be attacking issue after issue. I’m interested in knowing why he’s so passionate in doing so? It’s certainly not to increase his possibility of a re-election bid. If that were the case he’d be resting on his laurels. Not since Nixon have I seen the other side of the isle go after the President with such vitriol (and I didn’t think Nixon deserved it either). I know we live in a cynical world and America certainly leads that cause, but once we select a leader, it is this writer’s opinion that, we’d be better suited to support him for the sake of posterity. Perhaps, it's better to have a Dictatorship where if you disagree with the leader they simply come to your house and shoot you??!!!

Listed below are just a few of Pres. Obama’s tasks he’s scratched off his to do list…

Wallstreet reform

Credit Card reform

Fair Pay Act (Lillie Ledbetter)

Nuclear Arms Deal with Russia

Hate Crimes Prevention Act

FDA Regulate Tobacco

Fired 2 War times Generals

Overhauled SallieMae Student loans

Appointed 2 women to the Supreme Court (Kagen & Sotomayer)

Healthcare reform

Supported the Hurricane victims in Alabama

Ended War in Iraq

Ended Stop-Loss policy for soldiers

Phased out F-22 War plane

Federal support for Stem-Cell and biomedical research

Increased infrastructure spending on bridges, roads and power plants through monies in second Stimulus plan

Auto Industry rescue plan

No Torture policy

Visited more countries and met with more World Leaders during his 1st 6 months than any other Pres.

Controlled Piracy of the coast of Somalia

Established a new Cyber Security office

and, built a swing set for the girls outside the oval office

Oh, and authorized the mission that led to the killing of Usama Bin-Laden

Boy, I got carpal tunnel just typing that list!!! Of course this is certainly not everything the President has done over the last few years. He’s also been a loving Father and Husband to his family(all this while being a Muslim, chain smoking, Nazi, illegal alien) . We've heard no scandals about his fidelity to his wife, yet still so many would destroy him. He’s not perfect and he’s not the Devil but he sure is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE!!!

Milano Flascucci~

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