Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are the rats jumping off a sinking ship?

Well, well, well…it appears the recent Bishop Eddie Long voyage has some passengers jumping off the ship. Today’s announcement by late great Dr. M.L. King’s daughter Rev. Bernice King will be leaving New Birth Missionary Church has some (including me) scratching their heads.

For those who may have been in a 3rd World Country and was unaware Bishop Eddie Long has been under the accusations of sexual misconduct by 4 young men who attended his church. Recently, the Bishop reached a $15 million settlement with his accusers in order to keep him and his church out of the courtroom and further media publicity. It was believed that Mr. Long would deny any settlement and preferred to have his day in court to clear his name. But, that came to past and a settlement was the order of the day. These proceedings leave me (and hopefully you) with a few questions? The first and most obvious is, “WHY”? I would think anyone (especially a man of the cloth speaking daily before hundreds of thousands) would need to have his name free of such vile accusations. How can a church continue to believe in their leader who simply made the issue go away with a check? Secondly, who is going to pay that $15 million bill? Lastly, who’s going to stay on this very damaging “ship” (congregation)?

We know now one prominent soldier for Christ who decided her good family name could not be associated any further with this house of cards….Rev. Bernice King! Ms. King who also served as an Elder in the church gave no “real” explanation as to why the sudden departure except that this was in the making for quite some time and that time has come (yeah right). The first of many leaders of New Birth, has decided to jump off this apparent sinking ship. Will this lead to other leaders decided enough is enough and will the King followers join her in raising a finger and waltzing down the church isle and jumping into a speeding car to get the heck out of dodge!?

By the way, if you believe the church tithes and offerings won’t be used to pay this extreme pennant off….YOU MUST BE OUT YO MIND!!! Do you really see the good Bishop withdrawing $15 million from his own personal account to take care of this problem? I read where the members of the church gave Bishop Long a rousing round of applause as he gave his 1st sermon after his announcement of the big pay off. HUH??? I must have read that section in err. Surely, the good people of New Birth had enough self-love to, at the very least, cast a discouraging eye… well maybe not! For it has been said “broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter it ... but narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it”…(somewhere in Matthews)

This is a pretty DAMN wide Road isn’t it…???

Who am I kidding? If Eddie Long was caught having sex with all four of those young men at one time right before Sunday morning service by every member of the church….At least half of the members would stick around 'til the benediction…***blank stare***

Milano Flascucci~


  1. I remember him mentioning something about being like David, and not yet casting his first stone?

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