Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Michael McFadden's...Truisms!

“Truisms” ~ are claims that are so obvious or self-evident that some people don’t even think about it, but they serve as a guide and a reminder to follow a few simple rules in order to be successful. Michael McFadden is a motivational speaker, radio host, master of ceremony, and author of the book “Truisms”. I had the opportunity to read “Truisms” and never have I been more impressed at a writer’s ability to focus on his core values and prose it in a way that every single person can comprehend. If you know Michael and have had a chance to hear his story you will understand why this book was written and why it’s nothing short of a miracle that he’s alive to share his story.

“Truisms” reminds us of sound fundamental principles the reader will use to overcome all obstacles. As I read through the principles I found myself going back to write them down in my journal to insure I’m focusing on them each and every day. The best part about the book is the ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS given at the end of each chapter (designed to help you begin to apply each chapter to your life TODAY) “Truisms” like:

*Developing good people skills

*Be self-motivated

*Continue to master your craft

*Be consistent and diligent

* Be reliable and responsible

Are but a few dynamic insights for readers of all ages!

(Mr. Real Talk on "the Conversation" talking about his new book!)

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By the way if you have not tuned in to listen via the internet Michael McFadden’s blog talk radio show “Real Talk with Michael McFadden” then you’ve done yourself a disservice. The show provides a platform for artists, authors & philosophers to gain exposure and share their voices to his audience. The show airs every Monday and Thursday night at 7pm est… The reason I mention this is because if you get a chance to hear his show, you’ll begin to get an understanding of his high energetic personality. I’m totally bias in writing this review, because I consider Michael (or Face as he’s known) to be a mentor/friend. But I can honestly say I’ve not known a more positive guy who will not let barriers keep him from his divine purpose. So, RUN out TODAY and get this book. Then call up 2 more friends who you really care about and tell them to RUN out TODAY and buy it as well. Trust me they will thank you sincerely….one day!


ISBN: 13-9781451555820


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