Saturday, December 17, 2011

99 vs. 1: who are you betting on?

The greatest trick the devil ever played was that he does not exist. The greatest trick the 1%ers created was that 1% is more powerful the 99%! Nowhere else in the mathematical world is this fact accepted. Yet, in our society we fret and frown that the awe inspiring "Richie Rich-ers" are holding the rest of us hostage. How are they able to pull this magic trick off?

We are not utilizing our two greatest strengths…Our collective power of the vote & our disposable incomes.

 There is a version of “class warfare” going on and they call it “Occupy America Movement” which got its roots from Occupy Wall Street. Interesting enough that one would pick Wall Street as a place of protest. Especially, since Wall-Streeters have no pulse and primarily are not human! The movement has grown to become an international surge taking place in over 95 cities and 82 Countries! The 99%ers are said to desire economic and social equality. The problem is…I doubt if the 1% are going to wake up and decide “your right, we’ll just give you our money…you deserve it!” It’s not going to happen!!! This harkens back to memories of the Proletariat vs. the bourgeoisie. AND I think you know how that ended. It amazes me how the hoarders of power and money believe that at no point will the lower class get fed up to the point of no return?

By no means am I suggesting we 99%ers revolt into a revolutionary war [see Communist Manifesto]. However, I am hoping we revolt in a way that is far more effective.  With our voting power we could become our own lobbyist. We could press for the laws we want passed by informing our Congressmen and Senators that if things aren’t changed they won’t be in office for long. Seems like a pretty easy concept yet it’s not. Why? M-O-N-E-Y…!!! They use money to influence or position. By offering our leaders to acquiesce they then in return deter us from continuing and reason with us why things should stay status quo (see our current tax argument). By using the argument that giving more tax breaks on the top 1% would increase the number of jobs they’d create is just plain dumb and has never played itself out in history….(you remember “HISTORY”? The one thing that is supposed to help us not make the same mistakes over and over again). I'm sure in our hearts none of us believe that argument but we’re still paralyzed to demand a common sense approach.

 The Vote…a Constitutional right that holds the power to shape a nation but we are not using that right. Typically only about 50% of eligible voters actually vote in a Presidential election, and only about 35% vote in a Congressional election. WTH!?
Now, how can we influence BANKS, Congress & Big Corporations to regulate themselves and create a more fair reality for Americans? Choose how and where we will spend our money! The 1%ers rely on OUR income to maintain their 1% status. So, we are the ones to blame in the end. You choose to spend your money at Wall mart even though you know they have unfair working practices towards “women”. You choose to keep you money in traditional banks even though you know they caused the economic meltdown.  Why won’t you make a stand by shopping at small business stores or placing you money in local Credit Unions? Oh I forgot,”Convenience” !!!  You’d rather remain in near poverty and feed the extravagantly rich than drive 5 miles out of your way to support you local Credit Union which gives back to the community by granting local loans. We have the power to control our own destiny but because we’ve become lazy people we refuse to do so.

1%ers vs 99%ers….they win every time because they know who we are and how we think. God help us all!
TIME IS RUNNING OUT….it’s time to act!

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Milano Flascucci~

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