Friday, August 12, 2011

Can I "Sage" you??!

How many of you have ever “Saged” your home? Of course I just made up the “saged” part, it’s really performing a ritualistic home cleansing…
Well, today was my 1st and boy was it fun and refreshing! Now keep in mind, prior to my better half suggesting we needed to do it I had never heard of the process. I take that back…I did see it recently on an episode of “True Blood” but of course you can’t believe anything on that show (after all vampires are a part of society, huh?).  

As it turns out smudging (as the ritual is commonly called) goes back thousands of years and is a part of the North American Indian ancestry.  For the most part one uses a sage stick (lit only enough to begin producing smoke). White Sage is said to have the super-natural power of cleansing and driving out negative energies from people and places (I know a few people that need a SMUDGE BATH LOL). Once you have your smoke going really well, start at the front door offering a prayer and “smudging” or allowing the smoke to rise above windows, corners and behind doors while walking counter clockwise throughout your home. This is a waayy cool process that also leaves an amazing scent behind which I believe cleanses your mind & body as well.

Just so you know, I've taken it on my own and added two more steps in this fantastic cleansing ritual which I figured at the very least would not hurtJ! Go ahead after you’ve completed the “smudging” process and light a few incent sticks of Yatra agarbattis in your main living areas and your abode. Agarbattis (Yatra) is the link to a peaceful mind and energize your body. Last but certainly not least and not necessarily last…make love to your spouse, mate or loved one as an ultimate connection of heart, mind & body. Explore happiness and ecstasy on another astral plain of completeness & positive 3rd eye vision.

When you wake up let me know how you feel? J


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