Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Survive365’s State of the Union rebuttal…

There is much discourse in the political air about the same issues that were discussed in the 1800's. Conservatives seem to have the ear of our citizens by shouting “LOOK, LOOK what those barbaric Big Government Liberals have done!” “We must save America from this God awful deficit”. Strangely enough, they’ve said this message so much many folks have forgotten that it was on their 8 year watch that this road to Asian debt was conceived. Ah, but that is the way of the people. We are a fickle bunch! What ever they say we believe…. We are like sheep being tended to by the Millionaires in D.C.

Does anyone remember what a “trust” used to be defined as? It was when a single person or corporation owned and controlled an industry. Perhaps you remember names like: J.P. Morgan, Dale Carnegie, John D. Rockerfeller or James B. Duke? No? What about Microsoft, B.P. Oil, or Comcast? In the early 1900’s our beloved “Teddy Roosevelt” declared War against these so called trusts! I’ve read that the Pres. Found an ally with the people who had been weary of Big Government solutions, but was now more receptive. Why do you think the “people” began siding with the Pres. After just electing a Republican Congress and Pres.?

Here’s my take…although they had been told that Government was evil they began to see that the real evil comes from Corporations who by design have too much power over the “people”. Does anyone remember “Goldman Sachs”? I didn’t think so! We are too busy blaming a President and his administration for the decline of our future. Wake up America! There’s no way the true powers that be would ever allow “the 1st minority President” enough power to collapse the country... But, they would allow him to take the fall.

Here’s what we should be focused on:

  1. Why have we allowed “trusts” to be reformed and control our lives? Wasn’t that determined to be unconstitutional???
  2. Who really controls this country? If you think it’s the President, you need to be shipped to Moscow…TODAY!
  3. How in the Hell can 1% of the people control 99% and the 99% be "ok" with it!?
  4. Why after saying PUBLICLY that there’s no reason to give them additional tax breaks, do we still fight to do just that! (I’m speaking about the top 10% income earners. If you don’t believe me “youtube” Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or your local millionaire!) By the way they have ways of not paying taxes at all if they choose to…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!
  5. Are you going to choose the “red” pill or the “blue” pill? (let me guess?)


Teddy is not coming back to save us! He’s dead! Our politics in D.C. have become a very high classed Dog and pony show. They are keeping us distracted with Washington Politics and taking the focus away from the aspects that really do affect our lives (Local Government). How many of us know our state congressmen, county commissioners or school board? These folks have much more power over our day to day then Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan or Nancy Pelosi!

Come on let’s start Surviving365!!!

Milano Flascucci~

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