Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party Responsively with “BeSwirl, inc”

The fact is….our teens and young adults are going to party. Hell, didn’t we? However, if you’re going to be in the club scene where men pick up women like it’s McDonalds I encourage all you young ladies to exercise EXTREME responsibility (after all I’m raising 3 young ladies myself)! Teenage pregnancy is up as well as the number of (25 and under) recorded cases of STD contractions. What about the unrecorded?

Mika Terry has her finger on the pulse of mainstream America when it comes to being responsible. She is one of the creators of BeSwirl, inc. which is a life style movement to live a better healthier life! BeSwirl stands for be a Better Educated Sexy World, Intent on Relative Living… One of its primary goals is to see One million “clubers” tested for the HIV/Aids virus as an act of living responsible. BeSwirl delivers its message creatively by recruiting “Swirl Girlz”. What is a Swirl Girl…you might ask? (I’m glad you asked) Swirl Girlz are attractive, vivacious women who love to have fun but love to enlighten others on the perils of un- safe sex even more. In other words, the Swirl it up!

You can catch the Swirl Girlz of BeSwirl this year in selected local clubs in the Metro-Atlanta area. Creatively, BeSwirl offers unique ways to get into clubs free by (sign-up for testing, pledges, Petitions and other clever commitments).

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in the Swirl Movement, you can reach out to Mika Terry on Facebook or call (877) - B4Swirl. BeSwirl, inc is based out of Atlanta but functions as a vehicle to promote safe sex Nationally. Let’s be responsible …..ok?

Milano flascucci~

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