Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing Java-n-Jeans...the curvy girl jeans!

Meet Mr. Christopher Scott!!! Who is he…? A dreamer, a visionary, an entrepreneur….Yep! But he’s also a regular guy just like you and me! What is EXTRAordinary is his new line of designer jeans. World…meet the newest company to launch jeans that will shake up the industry to date. I introduce to you Java-n-Jeans!!! (Take a bow Mr. Scott!)…

Now of course I’m entirely bias; after all, I remember sitting in my basement chatting in the wee hours of the night with Chris about his dream of creating his own line of high quality yet affordable jeans. I remember how unique I thought the idea of combining the tag line “Java” with the brand’s name. Chris Scott has done what so many of us dream of doing (He actually did what he said he was going to do!!). The dream, however, does not come without its costs. There were many complications and hurdles along the way. Years of learning the business end of becoming a designer and making all the wrong moves finally paid off. As the saying goes “Only the man who has failed can truly realize and appreciate what it is to achieve success. The great are great because of their failures…not their triumphs.

Mr. Scott (originally from New Jersey) now has his roots in the Atlanta area. And, as of this month, he has just released the first series of the premier of his Java-n-Jeans line in Alpharetta, Ga. Now, he’s off to promote his line all over the southeast area at designer boutiques near you! This first line is a female “only” style (sorry men…our line will be forthcoming) and from what I have experienced the material is nothing short of top notch (by the way, the coffee is DAMN GOOD TOO!). For now the jeans are priced handsomely at $88.00. However, for those that were able to attend the recent 'Preview', took advantage of an even deeper discount of $65.00 if you brought a friend who selected a pair too. Hey…Membership has its privileges, MENTION THIS BLOG (or my name Klarque) TO CHRIS AND I’M TOLD HE’LL HONOR THAT PRICE…wink wink!!! J

The key component and niche of the Java-n-Jeans line is that it properly fits the "Curvy Girls" out there in hips and toosh land! Most of the current lines don't cater to women with a lot more substanance (without giving up style!). So, if you're tired of having to spend more money having your "TOO EXPENSIVE" jeans altered...? get on the phone TODAY!!!

Milano Flascucci~

To reach Christopher Scott for ordering or fitting: call (770)-557-1530 or visit

Or if youre in the metro Atlanta area drop by

AZ Tailoring & Alterations

11765 Ste. 101 Jones Bridge Rd.

Alpharetta, GA 30005

Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm / Sat 10am – 5:30pm

***Current sizes range from 4-12

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