Saturday, June 19, 2010

Survive 365...Survival book list!

Listed below are a few books I would add to your body of literature you have on your books shelf at home (for those who don't have them already). Books are the key to our information, education, historical context and future discovery. It is important to read everyday to feed your mind. Let's start our journey into discovering a proper mindset of oneself...ENJOY!
"The Classics"-These are books that almost need not be mentioned. Books like, (Think and Grow Rich, Richest Man in Babylon, Who Moved My Cheese, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Cash Flow Quadrants, etc...) and on the list goes! Yes I would recommend these and many more of the so called classics. Its what I would call standard reading, the 101 of getting your mind conditioned for the pathway to success. However, allow me to veer off along a narrow path a bit and recommend a few books that many of you will see and shake your head in agreement, others will scratch your head and say…I've never heard of that one? So we'll begin…
1. Your "Spiritual Guide"---what ever that GREAT book should be! I'm a insatiable reader, so I've read most "religious texts" and all of them at some point emphasize 2 things. Faith and Action! Without the 2 you'd be lost anyways, so I recommend you dive into whichever book you hold as your spiritual guide. After all, all of these other books only copy what is already spoken in them eons ago!
2. Financial Success by Wallace Wattles--- This book is only 93 pages in text, yet it packs a punch and gets to the point. Written in the 70's it speaks on the principles that "The Secret" brought to the forefront a few years ago. An excellent book on developing your mind "First"!

3. The Art of The Comeback by The Donald---Most people speak on "The Art of the Deal" however I appreciate this book mainly because Trump has a perceived edge in this story. Now those who decide to read Mr. Trumps books need know his philosophy is to WIN at all costs! He speaks about his failures and mistakes in the book. I always note if The Donald can fail at real estate any one of us less established "gurus" lol can easily bite the dust. Read how confidence and the will not to give up are invaluable! Also, he touches how having a strong willed woman by your side is not the worst thing a person can have!

4. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene--- Wow, I remember when this book was ssssooooo hard to find. Recently, it's the book of the year. Make no mistake it's been out for a while (10years). The principles of this book go back to the beginning of time. Or at the very least, the beginning of the Renaissance Period. The book can become overwhelming if you are determined to master and practice all 48 laws. Some of which you would never need to use given most peoples state. Also, it's a bit cutthroat in it's directives. Remember the people who mastered these "Powers" either mastered them or perished. We now merely practice them as a leisure function. Nevertheless, It's a powerful read that you can study for many a moons!

5. The E-Myth by Michael Gerber---If you want to stop being a "Self Employed" Entreprenuer and become what Robert Kiyosaki speaks much about….A Business Owner then this book is a must read. When I first started my first company a decade ago it went under almost a quickly as it began. I then decided to get a mentor and this was the first book he had me read. It changed all the theories on starting my own business I thought I knew. It is the reason why my company is a success today! No it wasn't my brilliance…LOL

These are 5 reads not in any particular order that I'd like you to consider. They are also books that you'll need to read many times, because each time you'll get something you missed the previous time through. Come back and see what I have for you for my next 5 works of wisdom! Remember, what Thomas Jefferson once said " I can not live without books".

"Books are the collective greatness within all of mankind to express our individual Divinity". D.K. Garrison (Author of "How to Survive The Next 365")

Milano Flascucci~

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