Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where were you when?

Nov. 4th 2008 the world as I knew it changed!!! For all African-Americans and most of the world, this day will serve as one of our generation’s “where were you when” moments. If you haven’t guessed by now, Nov. 4th 2008 was the day our Nation elected its 1st man of color! I don’t know about you but I grew up thinking there is no way I will be able to see this monumental event occur during my lifetime. Perhaps, my children will live to see this but only if they themselves are lucky. I am 43 years old and the only events I can accurately place my whereabouts are 1). The shuttle Challenger explosion 2). The 2001 Twin Tower World Trade Center terrorist attack and 3). The 44th President of the United States Barack Hussien Obama winning the election.

I am writing this article as a memory jogger for everyone as to where you were when the world as we knew it changed in a way we may never fully know. I remember sitting with my family staring at the “telly” thinking this was all a dream. It felt like time stood still! Remember the masses of people of all ages, creeds, color and races all huddled around in the cold Chicago wind? I can see all those people with the look of amazement on their faces and tears in their eyes. On that day I wept for my ancestors. I made sure all my kids where in the room with us just to be able to one day tell their kids they saw it happen. I called my mother and grandmother to get their perspectives on the moment. Imagine a woman born in 1919 now being made aware that a black man would be the most powerful man in the world! I also remember thinking “oh my God please don’t let a madman come from nowhere and kill my President!

I want to hear your stories. Where were you? What sticks out in your mind about that night? Let’s hear your voices by taking the time to leave your comments! Enjoy yourself while you relive the moments. One day reporters will ask us in the twilight of our lives….where were you when Obama changed the world?!


  1. I remember that night soooo plainly! I was sitting at home on conference call with many of my closest friends! I can vividly see the US lighting, blue, red, blue, blue, blue! I still get chills about that night! It's been long over due!

    Dr. LaKeidra

  2. Wow So true Doc, I wish more of us re-lived that powerful night each day! I remember, so many of us were determined to caring the mantle of "Change" Harbingers...