Friday, May 14, 2010

The Question is...

Almost 16 months into our 44th President’s term in office and much has changed. Gone are the pretenses that an African American cannot and will not be President! This America and the World are a much different place. Does this make the “Black Man” Free? Do we now have an equal share of the American Pie? Are we past the need for affirmative action?

This blog will do it’s best to address some tough questions about the state of the black man in American circa 2010. You will hear the voices of the “Black Man” from coast to coast and of all ages! From Baby Boomers to Generation Y. I will be your moderator through this year's journey into finding out the state of the “Black Man” in America…at least in the minds of Black Men! Are we holding ourselves back, feeling the chains of oppression that might not be there anymore or are we just down right lazy and full of it!? I wish to explore political issues as well as social inadequacies. Lend your voices as we discuss how to become Nuevo Riche in 2010. So, sit back and kick your feet up, cause, it’s going to be one helluva ride!!!

Milano Flascucci

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  1. We are free. But freedom comes at a price. What holds many people back is the fear of success. The attention and responsibility of true success frightens many of us... So "WE" settle for less (all races).