Friday, November 19, 2010

Phoetically Speaking

If you haven’t heard by now….there’s a new movement coming! That movement is SK Dixon!!! Beginning with a mere daydream, during class at FAMU, in the spring of 1996, a photographer was conceived. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting SK back in our collegiate days and during our stint in the world famous Marching “100” (shouts out to my brothers!). Mr. Dixon has always had a camera draped around his neck and through years of dedication and determination he’s honed his craft to something I’ve not seen before! Now in the metro Atlanta area he has brought a refreshing viewpoint to photography. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with this amazing mind and query information about what makes him unique….ENJOY!!!

(below is an interview with SK Dixon…part 1 & 2)

Part 2 The Completion...

Tummy Touch, U.N.I., Nuance, Legacy & I AM are but a few Phoetical journeys! We are in the peek of the Holiday season. What better gift to give or possess than an original SK Dixon Portrait!!! Few photographers can capture the inner essence of whom and what you really are. It’s easy to take a photo, it’s something far more to see your inner self and paint a picture with a camera for all those to see.

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Milano Flascucci~