Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stop Hemming & Hawing!!!

How many of you believe the Lakers, Saints, and Yankees all won championships last year without a proper game plan? How many of you have game plans, but if I asked you to show it to me you would start “hemming and Hawing”? (See “who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson In the book “How to Survive the Next 365” by D.K. Garrison, we take a look at just how important it is to have a game plan.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

• Are your goals specific, well written plans? Does it have a start point, middle and end?

If I asked you to travel to a city you were unfamiliar with, you would probably look up directions to get there. We look up directions because we have never been there. The same can be said of your goals!

• When writing down your game plan do you plan for the worst?

Why? Even if you do you still can’t avoid mistakes and the ever popular “Murphy’s Law”. Remember, there a big difference between being prepared and planning for the worst.

Try the exercise below. It’s designed to help you think and live outside the box.

In a notebook I want you to write down a very real and true answer to this question. If you were without financial restraints, if you were the perfect age, if you did not have kids, if you lived in the ideal city, if you had the resources and connections what would you be doing with your life? This is a fundamental question that has been asked as far back as written words were captured. What would you be doing, who would you become, what task would you endeavor to complete.

This exercise trips a lot of readers up because they are not very honest with their selves or they can not see life with out those self made walls. Take your time, this exercise takes a while. You’ll need to sleep on this idea. I love this exercise because it brings out the child in you. Remember, what do I want to be when I grow up? Here’s you chance to become a child again!

Before you write your answers down, I want you to write down the obstacles in your way. Write each and everyone you can think (this surely will take a few days). Then after you gotten all of your excuses out of the way, draw lines through each of them. This symbolizes you striking those barriers from your thoughts.

At this point you’ll be able to dream and remember what once was. Now write! Write with clarity. When you’ve gotten your answer clearly written, start developing your plan to obtain the goal. Remember there are no obstacles. Plan the life as if it was yours to have and at some point your mind, heart and soul will take over.

Milano Flascucci~

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