Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Girls…Don’t give your Candy away!

More and more, I am seeing and hearing about pre-teens having sex?! Is it me or are we desensitized by this revelation? Why are so many of our children being wooed by the lure of a sex? What in the hell are we parents teaching them. Is anyone keeping an eye on them? This is what happens when communities stop caring about the raising of its children and every media glorifies the act of "SEX". It’s every child for themselves!

Little girls please, please, please stop giving your “Candy” away! You know, one of the best experiences I had as a young boy were those trips to the candy store! Oh how I remember walking in and what did I see…”Candy” everywhere! Chocolate candy, hard candy, caramel, toffee, now n' laters…you name it, it was there! I once heard a woman chide her little girl reminding her never, ever give her candy away!!! She explained to the little girl that her “Stuff” was just like candy to those damn "nappy headed boys"! All they knew is that they wanted it and that it seemed like the world was one big giant candy store! That unusual (yet poignant) conversation always stuck with me. [teen pregnancy rates up in 26 states]

Now, what most little girls don’t realize is that when they turn out to be little candy givers at a young age they grow up to become old candy givers! Women, I urge you…stop making the same old mistakes. You give up your candy far too easily and frequently to men you barely know. Your “candy” is supposed to be honored not bartered. Can you imagine where our sexuality in the country will be if we don’t get a firm hold on our daughters' promiscuity. Why are our children turning to sex as the answer for receiving attention and love? Parents, communities, little candy givers…let’s start a dialogue with each other. Someone has to be brave and take the lead or we will loose them as they are loosing their innocence.

Milano Flascucci~


  1. As the Founder of Soyini Circles: Raising Young Girls Self-Esteem, teaching young women to value themselves is piognant. It is the main lesson we enstill in young women to not give away their SACRED DIAMOND. Doing so early on leads to a number of issues that can contribute to low self-esteem and bashing goals. Please visit me at

  2. Thanks for the info Terri! I've been following Soyini Circles for a moment now and I commend you and your staff for the value you are teaching our young ladies! I'm encouraging everyone who reads this blog to visit your link at

  3. "Candy" flavors are to be savored. You don't just start sampling all the flavors. It takes careful consideration when choosing the right "candy". Is it the right flavor for me? Am I going to continuously enjoy it? Is it filling? Will it satisfy my craving? How much does it cost? Am I willing to pay the price?, etc. When you enter the "candy" store, it can be overwhelming. However, remember that with age comes responsibility. Like my dad use to say, eating candy can cause tooth decay. So, until your teeth have reached maturity, don't eat "candy". Let your decision to enter the "candy store" be based on Biblical principles! Let virginity return to being a badge of honor instead of a hall of shame.