Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The APEX Museum Experience!

Have you been to the African-American Panoramic Experience (APEX) Museum? If not, I highly recommend you plan a family outing and scurry on down to 135 Auburn Ave. Atlanta, Ga. 30303 in historic downtown Atlanta!

APEX Museum is the creation of Mr. Dan Moore, Sr. In 1978 Mr. Moore (while attending a much overdue appreciation banquet) envisioned a museum that would highlight the accomplishments of African-American whose accomplishments were not generally widely known. In a nutshell…if you want a snapshot of the African-American experience in America and their (or in this case…our) notable accomplishments this is the place to visit (It is the only one of it’s kind in Atlanta).

My first experience to the APEX Museum was in January 2007 and to put in plainly…I was blown away! To see all of the amazing patents we as a race created over the past 200 years (or so) that are the mainstay of society now was a powerful reminder of our excellence! It gives you an appreciation of what it must have taken to create these inventions under the social vices of their times.

Below, is a brief interview with Dan Moore, Sr. and D.K. Garrison (Survive365: Your 360) at the APEX Museum…

Dan Moore, Sr., besides being a film maker, producer & curator, has authored several books. Recently, Mr. Moore has released In Search of a Match: Black & White and Sickle Cell Disease 100 Years Later. [Each of these books deal with a very genetic disease where a person’s red blood cells form abnormal shapes]. People who have the disease face a lifetime of “crisis” attacks that last 5-7 days (on average). It is a very debilitating disease where a person’s life expectancy is drastically decreased.

Mr. Moore had dedicated many years to finding relief for carriers and has a non-profit organization “Marrow for Life” (www.marrowforlife.org) who’s primary focus is to bring awareness and enroll more African-American’s to the National Bone Marrow registry. Can you believe of the more than 7 million people registered, only about 8% are African-Americans? A bone marrow transplant is ethnic based. Can you imagine how many African-Americans die annually because a donor can not be found? I encourage you to visit marrow for life and read up on how you can make a difference in saving someone’s life.

***August 21, 2010 at APEX Museum from 3-5pm Mr. Dan Moore and Author D.K. Garrison will be co-hosting a bone marrow registry. It only takes a cotton swab in your cheeks and you’re done! For more information about the event call the APEX Museum at (404) 523-APEX(2739)

The New APEX for the New Millennium will be a 90,000 square foot
facility with state of the art interactive exhibitions. It will allow visitors
to take a child by the hand and walk him/her through presentations,
capturing the experience with virtual reality.

We offer opportunities for Millennium Partners and Sponsors.

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